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The Opposition View - Stevenage


  • Stevenage fans really are a nasty piece of work . Shit ground, shit place , shit fans ....there team did play well yesterday though

  • Oh the irony of some of those fans with short memories! Still, let's see whom is where in the league at the end of the season.

  • Perception is a funny thing.
    I always think of Stevenage as pure non league in every way. Run down small ground, awful fans, no ambition.

    Look at the table though, a mere 4 points behind!

    We're in a little bit of danger, as we seem to be a huge streak team, and once we're on one, negative or positive, it seems to last for a long time.

  • A huge won one and lost one streak at the moment in the league.

    Carry that on and we won't be far off.

  • Or 2 wins in 9 games, almost without noticing we're on such a bad run. This coming after not losing for what was it, 15-20games?
    We ended last season not winning in months, and our "Glory" season that ended with a such a cruel finish, we had a terrific run of only losing 3 in the league til around Christmas.

    So will we put another big run in, or is this curtains?

  • Probably somewhere in the middle of those two scenarios as internet forum discussions quite often actually seem to be.

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