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Coventry Telegraph reports Sky Blues fan "battered by Wycombe fans after final whistle"

Seems unlikely based on our usual good behaviour and general lack of any violence at games, and would be a real shame if true.



  • It would be horrific if it was a Wycombe fan who did that, but it would be completely out of character for any of our fans, wouldn't it? Sure we have a group of gobby idiots who follow the team away from home, but I can't recall a single act of actual physical violence in many, many years.

  • Don't know about you lot but somehow that does not even look real!

  • Feels a bit unlucky that it was a gang of football hooligans targeting him for being a Coventry supporter.

    Probably not insignificant that he hasn't gone to the police , but instead mummy just turns to social media. Sadly local press, in all towns, will print virtually anything to fill their space.

    Not inconceivable I suppose that two young men who happen to support different football teams may have had a disagreement that led to violence. Who knows who started it. neither represent their football clubs.

    Rather impressive response on Coventry's forum to the Akinfenwa racist tweet. Generally decent bunch who deserve better I suspect.

  • Seems unlikely, as our mob are generally exceptionally brave in a large pack, in terms of words, but disappear very quickly if there's any real risk.

    However, individual teen, versus a huge mob, fuelled by booze, could see it maybe.

  • Perhaps he suggested Gareth Ainsworth was doing a good job and the 'real Wycombe fans' took offence?

  • If he says that's what's happened then it's likely to be what's happened, despite it being unusual for Wycombe fans.

  • @M3G are we really going to approach this type of issue with that kind of mentality?

  • Not necessarily, Chris.

    He plainly had a fight.

    Note though the difference between "fans" in the headline and "fan" in the body of the article.

    I suspect we will never know if this was a football incident, or two men who happen to support different teams having an argument, or indeed an incident about an unrelated matter (a girl maybe) that he doesn't want to admit to his mum.

    If it does turn out to be football related, we should (and I am sure would) all condemn it unconditionally.

  • I mean it might not be true, but it's a reach to say it's not likely to be true. As far as we know he is the victim here and there is, as yet, no reason to disbelieve him.

  • M3GM3G
    edited February 2017

    @bill_stickers Maybe not and maybe harsh, so I do apoligise if it came across in that manor. But we really don't know the story. He did not want to go to the police, or report it. Maybe a bit more to this story if it unfolds.

  • @M3G To clarify mate, I do have some doubts about his story. Was it a Wycombe fan? Was it multiple fans? How do they know they were Wycombe? Why haven't they gone to the police? Why has the story only emerged now?

    But to suggest the entire incident is fabricated is probably a bit too partisan.

  • It does feel like the sort of story that 20 years ago when local papers could afford journalists , they wouldn't have touched with a bargepole without corroboration. These days they print any "news" that is cheap to collect and fills the paper. In such a way reputations can be very casually destroyed.

    I suspect we will hear nothing more of this incident. Even if it did turn out to be a man from High Wycombe involved, he would no more represent WWFC than the twat making racist tweets towards Akinfenwa does Coventry supporters.

    If god forbid this was the first example of a regular occurrence, I am sure we would all agree it would e a very serious issue indeed.

  • Good point Dev re scurrilous reference to 'fans' in the headline if, as the article itself suggests, it was just one individual. Doesn't detract of course from the seriousness of a physical assault violent enough to cause the injury depicted if it was indeed the result of an assault and not, for example, an accident of some kind.
    On a point of detail, it was his aunt, not his mother, who reported the incident according to the newspaper report.

  • All seems really odd based on my experiences but he's clearly taken a bit of a beating and I hope they catch whoever was responsible.

    Maybe I watch too much TV but it does sound to me like Wycombe fans are a great cover story for what might have actually happened. I doubt the paper will ever publish the true story when it comes to light but I hope that if Wycombe fans are involved the friends of those who might know something do report it.

    Sorry that's a bit DevC in terms of speculation. I promise not to base a whole theory around it.

  • If indeed it ever does (come to light).

  • Not reported to police. Wonder why. Didn't happen that's why.

  • Well something happened, looking at that photo!

  • Perhaps its malicious propaganda from Colchester's Ministry of Disinformation?

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub said:
    Not reported to police. Wonder why. Didn't happen that's why.

    Wouldn't that be the first thing that you would do.
    We have a small fan base it should be pretty easy to identify the perpetrators if they exist.

  • and there were only 500 there

  • And would many have been hanging about after the game on a Tuesday night?

  • with the ground being nowhere near the station, the official car park over the road

  • @Malone Yes something happened. But I could speculate wildly that he got into altercation with someone that had nothing to do with Wycombe Wanderers but he or someone close to him decided that football thuggery was the best excuse. Go to the police. Let the full force of the law track down the culprit, there were 500 fans there, the Ricoh has plenty of CCTV, find the Wycombe fan and ban him. Or tell your aunt and let her go on social media.

  • Assaulted? Call police. Go to hospital. Get Aunt to put it on social media.
    (first two interchangeable I suppose...but last one not imperative)

  • I'm not claiming that this was the cause of this bloke's injuries, but I thought the police and steward's response to the pitch invasion was bizarre. They'd gathered themselves in that one corner of the ground where the noisy Cov fans seemed to be, then spent the few minutes after the final whistle trying to stop fans running on the pitch whilst others streamed on from elsewhere around the ground. I saw a steward trip up one bloke running past him and rugby tackle another, and on the Cov forum apparently a punch was thrown by another streward. All seemed a bit OTT when they didn't try and stop it elsewhere in the ground.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub precisely I can think of no good reason to delay reporting this to the police they could show the poor lad cctv of the away support he could identify the culprit and someone I'm sure would help put a name to the face. although I'm struggling to understand why losing in the Checkatrade would make anyone angry enough to assault a stranger

  • Just had some time to read the full Twitter threads of Auntie and the reporter. Very interesting that after posting the tweet in the article she sent it to Will de Haveland.???

    The attack was in a graveyard. Having never been to the Ricoh is this a place Wycombe fans would be lurking shouting 'Been to the game mate?'

    The reporter seems a lively one. A couple of her tweets to Wycombe fans questioning the article are just damn rude. Facts are scarce but the story doesn't hold back.

    I only hope a truth does come out and is told. If it was a Wycombe fan I hope we can pull together and find them. If it isn't then I hope this is reported as vigorously. I doubt it will but the reporters Twitter account is easily found

  • I loved the reporter's response to someone asking her how she could prove it was a Wycombe fan.

    'How can you prove it isn't'?

    Well you're the one publishing, so the onus to prove is kind of on you!

    No great surprise local journalism's on its arse. Skulking about on Twitter republishing any old bollocks going. I suspect he's more likely to have been asssaulted by a risen corpse than one of ours.

  • Her other recent story is about some human shit found in a street in Willenhall.

    That's not being blamed on Wycombe supporters, which is ridiculous considering it was me...

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