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Match day thread: Portsmouth



  • Come on you Blues!!! Listening live in sunny but cold Massachusetts.

  • What a result! That kept us in the mix and happy days! Not so good for the blood pressure but great to see the game out, especially after last Saturday.

    Might have some enforced squad rotation with the yellows building up but great commitment from the lads, most cards saving the team from difficult situations.

    Onwards and upwards!

  • Did Pierre go off injured?

  • You have to shoot to score and despite their possession, Pompey lacked a real threat. They were very lucky to keep eleven on the pitch. Hard fought win but we may be without Pierre for a few games. Gape excellent once again and Saunders class when he came on for Hayes.

  • Onien my MOM today. Tireless when many around him were running on empty. Great result - backs to the wall

  • Did they buy a lot players in transfer window? They didn't seem to know what each other would do? MOM Jombati btw.

  • Actually - there were many MOM contenders. Sido inspirational at times

  • Sido absolutely tremendous today. That's what you pay your money for - a joy to watch.

    I assume Paul Hayes was ill or something. Have never seen a less effective 45 mins from him.

  • Sido was top boy today

  • Yes Sido, closely followed by Luke with his gag!

  • Great win today. My memory ain't the best these days, but I can't remember us beating Portsmouth at home before. Anyone correct me? I remember a terrific display putting us 2-0 and ending 2-2 and other draws...

    Hayes is probably still a man for the big occasion as last week showed, but in league games most of the time, as a wide forward he's not much use if we're honest. We definitely need someone who is going to push the play and ideally dribble/cross it, as Kashket's not that sort of player on the other side.

    Jombati did have some really good bursts of play, and Stewart was rock firm too. Did fear when Pierre went off, as Will always seems a little risky to me, but we got through well in the end.

  • Sido is a mercurial genius well deserved MOTM. Another great game from Woody the moaners on Facebook have oh and a special mention for Will de H came on and was solid

  • I think u will find its Muller thats the risk not Will De Hav

  • I had to do a quick Google Earth to check where Portsmouth was after getting to the ground. All the faux cockney cussing and abuse that was spewing from the away fan tent made me think we were playing a team closer to our dear capital.

  • Sido MOM although frustrating at times. Gape and Wood quality. Bayo looked shattered towards the end, I can't see him starting on Tuesday. Onien was average I thought today. Spends more time on the floor.

  • Gape looks more and more like Scowen by the week. Has really excelled since joining permanently.

    Pompey obviously a good side. Excellent movement in the front 4 and every player looked comfortable on the ball. That said, I thought they lacked a plan B. A few long balls might have mixed things up a bit. Especially after we were forced into a change of centre back.

    8 mins of added time probably fair. We did waste time in places and there were subs, plus Pierre's injury. The frustration is that the rules are applied to inconsistently. That same game could have ended up with 4-5 mins under a different ref. A stop-clock with two halves of 30 mins each way would make the game a much better spectacle.

  • edited February 2017

    A personal plea to the family sitting in block C of the Beechdean stand: Please refer to Akinfenwa as Bayo or Beast, NOT AKIN! The whole match it was "Come on Akin" or "Chase it Akin"

  • O'nien was every where today mom for me gape and wood also superb today the big thing was the formation for me as proved against Luton as well you can't play 433 against the best teams because it leaves u to exposed as soon as Saunders came on to add the extra player in midfield it changed the game. Fair play to Pompey their forwards and wingers were interchanging positions so much our defenders didn't know whether to stick with their man and it left big holes luckily a mixture of their poor finishing and Blackman to the rescue. Also not a fan of kashket out wide needs to be in a front 2 through the middle. I think after the 2nd half performance GA may consider 442 going forward

  • Couldn't make it today, but Phil's commentary in the last 15 minutes or so was wonderfully tense listening.

  • I always worry about fans that can't make that leap of imagination when their team plays in their change strip

  • @drcongo said:
    Couldn't make it today, but Phil's commentary in the last 15 minutes or so was wonderfully tense listening.

    It was tense being there

  • Think Sido might have had a bit of a bollocking at half time (he was certainly getting one from Hayes in the first half) as he went from regularly getting out of position to completely owning their front line.

    Bayo was very obviously struggling with his hamstring near the end but soldiered on well.

    We won't play many better sides than that but everyone was up to the job. Superb performance and result. Saunders changed the game. What a talent we've got there. Ditto Gape, who is rapidly becoming my favourite player.

  • @Onlooker I normally call him 'Fenners'

  • It's funny how you can watch the same game and have a completely different opinion. Yes Sido was great when attacking, but at times defensively he was run ragged, and consistently pulled out of position.

    Everything of significance from Portsmouth came down their left side today.

    MOM for me was Gape, I lost count in the first half how many times he ended up at right back covering for Sido

  • It has always seemed to me that if a team wastes some time more than that is added. As a tactic it is therefore counterproductive so what's the point?

  • Excellent win today, I thought as a team we were superb.

    First half was a proper play off chasing match. Full commitment from both teams, although to a man I thought we looked the better side.

    Hayes was anonymous first half, technically you never lose it but the physical side is on the wane. Bit of an Indian summer last week and richly deserved because he's been brilliant for the club over the last couple of years but not so sure he makes our best eleven currently.

    The midfield were great today yes, but for me our defenders as a unit were class. The covering tackle from JJ (first half) was poetry in motion. Stewart was outstanding and even better when Pierre went off, marshalled the defence and really helped WDH settle.

    WDH has impressed in both games coming off the bench, positionally good and dominant in the air when Pompey were throwing caution to the wind. Sido looks really confident at the moment and some of his covering defensive work kept us in the game.

    Finally Blackman, what an acquisition he is for the club. Brilliant today and if we go up this year, he will probably be the reason. In terms of potential, he could make it to the top. To be that good as a keeper in your early 20's shows someone who in time could rival the likes of Joe Hart.

    Saunders has to come into the starting eleven from here on in. Absolute Rolls Royce of a player. His awareness is a cut above and as he starts to impose himself moving forwards, along with match fitness, I have no doubt we will start to score 3-4 goals a match.

    Pompey for me lacked cutting edge, we however didn't. Kashket is vitally important, he has that ability just to know where the goal is and you know more than often than not, the ball will end up in the back of the net.

    Genuinely excited as to where this season could go. I'm hoping we turn Coventry over and not sure how Stevenage will live with us next weekend. As long as we don't take anything for granted, should be another 3 points.

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