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Assuming everybody was fit, what would be your starting 11 and bench

Mine; Blackman, Harriman, Stewart, Pierre, Jacobson, Wood, Gape, Saunders, O'Nein, Bayo, Kashket. Subs; Hayes, Cowan-Hall, Bloomfield, Muller, Jombati, The New lad from Watford, Richardson.
That leaves Tomo, DeHaviland, Bean and Freeman. Not taking into account the players currently out on loan.


  • As it's virtually fantasy at present (injuries), I pretty much agree with that except I'd swap Hayes for Tomo on the bench.

  • For what it's worth here is mine...
    Harriman, Pierre, Stewart, Jacobson
    Gape, O'Nien
    Watford loanee, Akinfenwa, kashket.

    Wood, Hayes, muller, jombati, Dehavilland, PCH and Bean

    Assuming everyone is fit bar Southwell of course

  • Side note, I have just woken up and didn't realise Southwell had been loaned out

  • First 11 for me based on form, contribution, current availability and 4-4-3 is:


    I think we need a little bit extra depth and support in midfield against the more robust sides, as sometimes I feel we don't impose ourselves, lose the second ball and battle for extended periods of play.

    The subs for me are based on fitness, who we are playing and performance in training. Toss of a coin for me this season at right back with Sido and Harriman. Although, I would like to see Harriman with his physical prowess providing overlaps on the right, especially with Saunders range of passing in the side.

  • Same for me @fame_46 with Harriman at right back in a 4-3-3 (although I like the idea of 4-4-3)

    Bench of Richardson, Jombati, Wood, Weston, Thompson, Bloomfield, Hayes.

  • Got to say it's a decent first eleven for this league innit @fame46

  • Same as @fame46 with sido in at right back

  • It's an embarrassment of riches with a fully-fit squad. I would be tempted to play:

    Harriman Stewart Pierre Jacobson
    Saunders O'Nien PCH
    Akinfenwa Kashket

    Richardson, Muller, Jombati, Bloomfield, Wood, Hayes, Watford

  • @aloysius Is that the whole Watford team on the bench ? I don't think we will get away with that one.

  • The whole population of Watford.

  • Now that's just being silly

  • I don't think Weston is far off being a starter in our strongest XI. Still PCH for now but like you say, the squad is looking not bad at all

  • What a first X1 we have now! I think the team pretty much picks itself now, with a few favouring Jombati over Harriman and a few suggesting Paris will need to work hard to hold off a whole string of options including our own Captain!

    Exciting times.

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