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View from Exeter

These elongated mood music videos starting to become fashionable. Little generic for me, but if you are interested here is Exeter's one Match action does illustrate what I was saying about crosses.

And if you are in the mood here is an Exeter player having a little whine in the local rag

Devon becoming UK's leading whine producer? Oh well, makes a change from the Cyder.


  • I think you mean "sighder" dev

  • Used to being manhanded? were used to putting up with their stinking piss smelling cesspitt of a ground

  • rather unnecessary comment Mr 1991.

    I rather like Exeter as a club and a ground (decision to accommodate us in the stand at terrace prices because of the weather is rather typical of the inherent decency of the club). Their ground is a bit of a mismatch at present - arguably the best home terrace in the league, perfectly decent stand on one side (where years ago the home fans used to stand), very rickety old stand on another side and very poor quality away terrace. They have plans to fix the two poor sides of their ground starting this summer (financed by student accommodation).

    Far rather a characterful ground in the centre of town, ready walking distance from bars, restaurants and, with the probable exception of Cambridge, arguably the most attractive city centre in the division (sadly slightly diminished by the fire that destroyed the oldest hotel in England this autumn) than some identikit plastic stadium on the edge of town. All personal opinion though.

  • Quite right Dev.

    Wait for col u in a couple of weeks time to really see a shit ground. A more soulless arena it would be difficult to find

  • Plus they have a large car park that only accepts forward bookings....

  • Exeter's home terrace has real depth and height. With no terraces in the top 2 divisions, it surely must be the best terrace in the country.

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