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The Opposition View

What John Still and a selection Of Hatters' fans had to say about last night's game...


  • Some decent fair minded comments from the majority of Luton fans but wanting Still out? Some people have short memories as but for him they'd still be in the conference.

  • Some fair.....Some very bitter

  • Still seems like the kind of down to earth, 'man of the people' types that I would like to have I charge were Gaz not in the hot seat.

    Luton played their part I a highly entertaining game last night and their attacking play was often very threatening. Lee in particular was absolutely superb.

  • A luton fan saying they should go all out to get Ainsworth as manager LOL.

  • every team will have a blip. I think we've been lucky in that we've bounced back (usually) from defeat reasonably quickly. Very harsh on John Still. For a team to come up and be in contention for another promotion has to be admired.

  • It's always bad runs that put pressure on previously successful managers. In fairness they didn't play badly last night and on another day would have nicked it. Hopefully they will recover in time to give Burton a good pasting.

  • "For me, you should win at home if you score two goals," said the Hatters' boss.... "

    Unless, of course, the other team score three :-)

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