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Best deadline deal ever

Matty Taylor to Bristol City from Rovers.......I could not stop laughing



  • 35 pages of frothing and teeth-gnashing on the Rovers forum already.

  • hope no police horses get punched

  • On Not606 Some Rovers fans want him to break a leg ffs! I'll see this on my local news later and look forward to the meltdowns.

  • Worth a read, I especially liked "I'd rather eat a n•• cheese sandwich than see him go to city" whoever said English prose was a dying art.

  • to be fair most iphone keyboards are not designed for those extra fingers

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  • Id hate to think we would lose anyone to Franchise right at the death tonight !!!!

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    I was having a stinking afternoon at work, but that news and the reaction on the Rowvars forum cheered me up no end! Never before has the phrase 'lady garden' been written so frequently on a message board thread in the history of the internet...

  • I wonder what makes someone go from being a hero at one club to that clubs declared bitter rivals

  • The supporters, probably

  • Also, it's likely he will not have to uproot & move his family. Unless of course, some of the knuckle dragging Rovers supporters know his address?

  • @Morris_Ital said:
    I wonder what makes someone go from being a hero at one club to that clubs declared bitter rivals

    Partly because, as much as we wish they were, the vast majority of players aren't supporters.

  • True and rationally speaking he ought to be able to ply his trade for any club he wishes but I think most people want to be liked or at least not actively disliked and for a fair number of people in that city he's become public enemy number one (unfairly) basically my point is there was an easier choice.
    The one player I recall getting a little bit of stick from our support for a move was Micky Bell strangely enough to Bristol City

  • The flip side of that is, he's already a legend at Bristol City.

  • Think McCracken was our skipper when he went to Franchise? Unacceptable.

  • We don't tend to be so fussy about these things, we've taken on ex-Col U and Sluff players without so much as a murmur of discontent.
    The Taylor transfer was notable in that he's been Rovers' talisman and, from what I understand, they indulged him quite a bit to keep him at the club at the end of last season. Now he's gone from hero to persona non grata in record time!

  • Didn't we release McCracken?

  • @floyd said:
    Didn't we release McCracken?

    Think we offered him a new contract which he turned down but not sure?

  • He was offered a contract and had said that he would sign it, then went to Franchise

  • His treachery was even worse than I remembered it.

  • On the end of season video I recall him saying 'Get that camera out of my face' in a not that jolly style as we celebrated going up...just.

  • To be fair his goal in that 1-2 home defeat last game of the season is what got us (stumbling) over the line.

  • Their lawyer must be a rich man.

  • They really are like the whiny kid at school who went crying to teacher any time they got pushed over in the playground or shoved in the dinner queue, aren't they.

  • McCracken. That's a name that has gone down in the archives.
    Didn't even remember he was ever captain! We've been blessed with centre backs over the years, and he wouldn't get anywhere near the top.

    The arrogance of thinking he could give advice to the club he'd just left. Quality!

  • To be fair, he was a decent player. Not a patch on the likes of Pierre, Stewart, Mawson, Johnson (R) or Williamson though. We've been very lucky to see such top class central defenders. And Luke Oliver.

  • Luke went on to have a good career at a higher level with Bradford - footie is indeed a strange game

  • Talking of Johnsons (cough) anyone know what the mighty Leon is up to these days? His Wiki entry ends with his career at Wycombe. An excellent player for us who's probably been slightly overlooked due to the quality centre backs we've had over the years.

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