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Adagio For Chairboys

It might be too soon for some, but I've put together the audio to tell the story from Saturday...

(I knew Bills Relaxing Classics CD would come in handy one day).

In the build up, I wrote about football, life and the FA Cup. An emotional day all round...


  • Brilliant goosebumps listening to this.

  • Work of art Phil althoughi admit I did initially think Adagio was a deadline day signing

  • Hats off Phil, marvellous piece. I was unable to get a ticket for Saturday but was listening to your commentary instead, so proud of the club and our wonderful supporters who you heard from start to finish.

  • Thanks Phil, this was great.

  • @Morris_Ital & @Right_in_the_Middle Ha! If Adagio was a player, he'd be slow but grow into games, building to a big moment before fading out and being subbed off.

  • If he promised a big moment every game - I'd take him!

  • Don't need another name to 'pull the strings', we've got Sam 'adagio' Saunders.

  • Nicely crafted, Phil. Samuel Barber's Adagio for strings. Very poignant piece and perfectly suited to the mood.

  • Thanks @bluntphil Tears streaming down my face while listening to this (God knows how Weegie's going to cope...!) I just love my football club so much.

  • Genuinely brought tears to my eyes that

  • Think I might still be a bit too raw to listen to it. Might try later in the week based on the comments above

  • Wow, just wow... Goosebumps and shivers down my spine.
    I almost had to stop listening as I'm sat at work feeling the emotions bubbling up again. Just about managed to hold it together though.
    Top work @bluntphil, top work.

  • Fantastic work @bluntphil and very impressed that you managed coherent sentences during your commentary of those goals, especially at 3-2!

  • Just listening to the audioboom gave a sharp reminder of the bittersweet emotions that football can stir. Like the music in the background as well. Have often heard it buto never known the title. Could someone enlight please?

  • Sounds like I'm going to have to wait to face this. I was in tears at 2-0, and again at 4-3.

  • edited January 2017

    @EwanHoosaami The piece is "Adagio for Strings" by Samuel Barber.

    It's quite often played at funerals and memorial occasions and was performed at Last Night of the Proms in 2001, at the Royal Albert Hall, to commemorate the victims of the September 11 attacks.
    It is also quite popular in the electronic music genre - notable versions are by William Orbit, DJ Tiesto and Bastille.

  • @LeedsBlue said:
    Thanks bluntphil Tears streaming down my face while listening to this (God knows how Weegie's going to cope...!) I just love my football club so much.

    @LeedsBlue I made the mistake of listening just before leaving for work this morning. Fair to say I was not fit to drive for quite a while.

  • I'm sure it's wonderful but on the strength of these comments I don't think I'll be ready for it for some time. I've been known to weep quietly at the music itself in the past.

  • I'm quite hurt that my identification of the music was overlooked. I was hoping to get Brownie points!

  • edited January 2017

    So next stop Classic Fm, eh @bluntphil ? Great edit. I too share my hometown club (Forest) with my more recent move to Bucks and following the Chairboys. Would love to see them meet in a proper game at the City Ground. (Yes, I know they met in the League Cup but I could not make it...)

  • @micra here you go:

  • @AlanB Thank you very much. Will download that for my iPod.

  • I think that Nimrod from the enigma variations would have worked too it's a great way get people out at the end of a party

  • @bluntphil great stuff Phil. Keep up the good work.

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