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Bad Pitches

I know we had some pretty bad pitches in the late conference days and when Wasps shared our ground, but have a look at what the rugby team has done to Rodney parade. Mind you they are a Westley team now, maybe it will help.


  • It's a disgrace. I don't wish relegation on any team except Mk Dons but it's probably best for the Football League if Newport go down.

    They shouldn't really be allowed back in until they give their supporters, and opposition teams, a fit and proper place for a game of football.

  • Reminds me of some of the park pitches I used to play on in the 1970's.

  • Despite some posters insistence, (often the ones that couldn't see a tiny problem with Hayes or Booker) that rugby didn't affect our pitch at all, anyone with eyes could see what happens.

    To have 2 rugby teams sharing with you is only going to end one way.

    Newport probably rack up more injuries due to playing on such a pitch, and it completely ruins any chance of playing football, which despite people's perception of Westley, this lot seemed to do when we played them away.

    Will be good news if they go down, except for non league teams!

  • Good post Malone. Of course he had only been in charge a matter of weeks when we played them at Rodney Parade and they were displaying some of the familiar Westley characteristics in the return fixture.

    If they are relegated I expect he will move on to his tenth club in 20 years as a manager. He has gone back to Stevenage twice at 5-yearly intervals so will be due to return there for a fourth term next year.

    He played for 13 different clubs in his playing career.

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