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Pochettino interview

I hesitated as to whether to start a new thread for this so apologies to those who think I made the wrong decision. Here is a link to the full Mauricio Pochettino interview after the game on YouTube. He is very gracious and hugely complimentary about us.


  • Seems Tottenham has a manager with almost as much class as ours

  • I think Foreign Managers at first never get how important the FA Cup is to lower teams, Mourinho has said the same...that in no other league would a fourth tier team turn up to a Top team and fully expect to win

  • Have a lot of respect for Pochettino the way he behaved after the final whistle and praising our performance. Who knows maybe we can ask about getting a loan player or two next season from Spurs if they're needed.

  • Not sure there were too many Spurs loan options based on Saturday. Maybe the sub who scored late on is the only one.

    Always good to foster these kinds of relationships though. You never know.

  • No bloody truck with anonymous guys?

  • BGasroomK, I think, @micra!

    I think it goes all the way back to Sanchez' time, cant' be sure though...

    Very few people are BTSS IMHO.

  • A decent man. Hope spurs win the premier.

  • Pochettino is a great guy. He is a bit of a legend for my Spanish team, Espanyol.

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