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FA cup games broadcast live

After the excitement and unpredictability of yesterday's game the BBC has provided two games today at the other end of the spectrum. The Milwall Watford game was particularly calming it felt like I was watching a bargain hunt box set


  • We'd have been a cert for TV for a replay. Wonder how much the last goal cost us? Oh well, a fixture pile up is not what we want.

  • @Morris_Ital said:
    After the excitement and unpredictability of yesterday's game the BBC has provided two games today at the other end of the spectrum. The Milwall Watford game was particularly calming it felt like I was watching a bargain hunt box set

    Brilliant way of putting it.

  • Man U's cakewalk was as predictable as it was dull. Well done BBC.

  • Tried to watch the Milwall v Watford game. It was as dull as dishwasher. Couldn't even be arsed to to watch Manyou game. Carried on watching box set of "Case" on All4. Now that is really getting creepy by 4th.

  • And in the meantime Sutton beat Leeds with minimal coverage.I wonder if the BBC harping on about premier league teams fielding b teams is an attempt to distract us from their terrible picks for live broadcast games

  • I blame mark chapman and the BBC's move to Salford, there is absolutely no other reason to keep showing united matches, I'm also still annoyed that their radio program paying tribute to the Chapacoense crash was actually largely based on the Munich air disaster to the obvious annoyance of Tim Vickery. This Beeb bias towards the Red Devil's really needs to stop

  • @fedup1980 and the fact their games bring in the most viewers probably helps.

  • It's nothing at all to do with the Salford move! It's simply down to the fact that showing United will get way more viewers than any other club.
    But they do have to realise, home games against lower league clubs are not good games to show.
    In fairness, if Tottenham had put anywhere near their best line up out, you could argue them at home to league 2 wouldn't be a clever choice either

  • Prem home to div 4 is never likely to be a great choice. There weren't many obvious choices really so we were probably given consideration but the way Plymouth played at Liverpool didn't exactly help in promoting the televising of Div 4 teams.

  • Yeah, thanks a bunch Plymouth.

  • Suspect this is nothing to do with Plymouth, at least they competed and kept it tight to the end in both games.

    In retrospect they would have showed our game. However there was a pretty strong chance that our game may have been dull - if Tottenham got 2 up in 20 mins any viewers would have turned off in droves. We were excited about it because it involved our club, if for example it had been Arsenal v Mansfield would you honestly have even turned it on.

    Do wonder how long any broadcaster will continue paying serious money for the cup when premier (and even championship) clubs treat it with such contempt. Southampton are midtable in the league, they will not be relegated they will not reach Europe from the League, yet they field for a TV game a team of reserves. Whats the point.

  • BBC breakfast this morning said the 16 premier league teams playing at the weekend made 98 changes. Maybe need to bring in a rule on changes similar to the checkertrade

  • You can understand the bigger clubs in the mix in multiple trophies, but when it's mid table and even championship teams making loads of changes something is seriously wrong.

    Such a shame we didn't see that win out v Tottenham to teach them a lesson

  • All that needs to happen is that the lower league teams keep beating these sides that show so little respect to the competition, their fans and their opposition.

    In the cold light of day that makes the last five mins on Saturday all the more upsetting.

  • The BBC is spineless and desperate to broadcast live football involving the half a dozen teams they care about. The Salford sports department is blinkered and will take begrudgingly the crumbs they are given . There is an argument that they should walk away from football completely as it is done better elsewhere and concentrate on minority sports

  • Whilst some of the games both TV channels picked this weekend were poor choices I'm don't subscribe to the thought our games should definately been on TV.

  • With Derby vs Leicester being the only tie ending in a draw, that means they will get live coverage of their replay and a double financial whammy for both clubs.

  • I always remember a live TV game as being a treat and an honour. Now it just seems to be a right closely followed by a mention to the finances.

  • @Morris_Ital I don't think the BBC is worse than any other broadcasters - it was BT that opted to show both Man U and Liverpool home games in round 3. against lower placed teams. They will always show the games that are most likely to attract the most viewers and you need look no further than the size of the crowds at Old Trafford to see their reasoning. Is there any other Premier club that would have attracted 75,000 for each of their home games, v Reading and Wigan?

  • To be fair...none of us expected the game we got on Saturday either. Pre-match, someone said to me - if we score a goal and don't get tonked I'll be happy

  • My pre match wish was not to stood on the platform at WHL station at 16.00, not bearing to watch any more of a slaughter. All I asked was to still be in it at half time and would be ecstatic if we could do to Spurs, what Stourbridge did to us. Well, I got more than I could ever hope for.
    It was one of those games that the saying, "it's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog", was written for.

  • It was one of those games where 10000 WWFC followers will now say "I was there"

  • it'll certainly be the answer to "what was your last Wycombe game" for a lot of people years on

  • It may also be the answer to "what was your 1st & last Wycombe game for some?"

  • and one of those will say.....I was the one who threw the flare and got chucked out...

  • And the reply could well be "Really, Prime Minister?"

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