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Standing up yesterday

Many thanks to the 2 guys yesterday in blocking my view for 45 mins!
They was the only 2 standing up in the upper section I was in which made it so worse..why!


  • Did you ask them to sit down?

  • I was sitting behind a chunky/tallish elderly bloke who was wearing what looked like a Gruffalo hat which made him even taller so I couldn't see properly. Mentioned it a few times,as did the lady with him, buthe kept it on.

  • I tapped one of the guys on the shoulder and asked him nicely..point blank refused..said we nearly missed the Hayes header and didn't want to miss anything else! I explained people will generally stand up when we attacked but would sit down afterwards.
    He just told me to stand as well and we wouldn't have a problem!

  • Just had to Google what a Gruffalo hat is. I really hope that's not what he was wearing.

  • It was some kind of full head cover animal hat with horns. Probably too light a colour for a Gruffalo in hindsight.

  • I initially thought wearing the gruffalo hat was one of those euphemisms the kids use

  • At times like this @Aylesburyblue , when faced with a selfish moron not open to reason, you have 2 options. Stand yourself, or go squealing to a steward and make them sit down.

  • I was in the lower stand yesterday and we had one idiot who refused to sit down despite being asked by a number of other supporters. No stewards so we eventually had to give up and stand. There is always one........

  • Probably about a dozen ignorant morons who spoil it for so many. Still think the ticket selling process was partly to blame as some in the lower tier is nearly always more of a standing area.

    Having said all that the seats were too tight to really sit down and the game was at worst edge of the seat and probably deserved a standing ovation. Couldn't really complain by those too excited to sit down but there does seem to be a few who take a pleasure in being morons.

  • I have seen the gruffalo hat moron at several games this season

  • It can't be Dev then?

  • Had the same problem with 4 blokes/morons myself. They were up spoiling the game for me, my 12 yr old and my mate. TBF at least they knew they were being uber twats. When I explained to them that I hadn't forked out the best part of £80 on a day out for me & my lad to stare at the back of their Primaani jackets they at least got the hint. As such we traded seats with them at half time so at least we had an uninterrupted view for half the match, even if we were now in direct line of their foul mouthed abuse of the Spurs fans at every opportunity!

  • In the 2nd half they sat as they could see the far side of the pitch clearly without standing which was good.
    People really need to think about their actions..I ended up standing for a while but spoke to the people on the back row if it was an issue..does not take much to be polite.

  • Got to say, everyone was really good with the standing sitting issue where we were. (upper tier) When Wycombe attacked naturally people stood up, then everyone sat down. Got to say there is a real argument for rail standing in premier league grounds. One of the lads we were with went over two rows of seats when we scored, I nearly got knocked over myself but managed to pull myself up. If he had a bar in front of him, instead of a seat just up to his shins it probably wouldn't have happened.

  • Only 2 rows? That's poor compared to most in Block 38....

  • Would the bars not mean you risk being crushed if a herd of goons fall on you though?

  • @Malone said:
    Would the bars not mean you risk being crushed if a herd of goons fall on you though?

    Not if they're 4 foot tall

  • @malone I think they way in which rail standing exists means every seat has their own bar in front of them. It would differ from 'old style' terracing, so there would be no opportunity for a build up of people behind you. That is how I understand it anyway.

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