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Paul Hayes

There will be no dissing PH tonight on the forum, that's for sure!!!


  • Don't you believe it. He missed a sitter! Made up for it though

  • First goal was top drawer

  • Class today, and great at tracking back in the 4-5-1 when they were on the attack.

  • Thought that hitting the bar in the first minute would cost us, but then he produces that sublime left footer! My word. Then the customary cool for the penalty.

    Marvellous scenes, and absolutely gutting at the end.

  • Hat trick at Exeter and we ll let him off early season doldrums

  • Bit smiley on MOTD. We lost.

  • Including a goal line clearance in the first half. I've had my doubts in the last few months but he has a tremendous game yesterday.

  • It was always likely Hayes would start on the back of his experience (having played and scored in similar situations at Chelsea and Man City while at Scunny). He was outstanding.

  • I have to be honest, when I saw the team sheet, my heart sank. Thoughts went back too Luton at home last week and the poor showing the 1st half as an attacking force. Not for the 1st time, GA pulled a rabbit out of the hat on this one & it turned out to be an inspired team selection for the 1st half. Can't help but think this is how we should play at home when Plymouth come to town as they have such good wingers? Sit back, defend for our lives and smash them on the break, worked a treat yesterday & I'm given to understand we are the 1st team to put 3 past Spurs this season at WHL.

  • edited January 2017

    First since August 2014 apparently.

  • And probably the last ever.

  • Surely most of us thought the aging, seemingly less and less mobile and agile Hayes, faced with playing as a defensive wide mid, was going to only end in carnage.

    Got to love it when you're wrong like that!

    Overheard a guy on the train talk about how Hayes is 36
    Bit harsh

  • Hayes's volley yesterday will go in many people's favourite Wycombe moments list. Welcome to my personal hall of fame anyway.

  • Being right in line of his volley as it hit the back of the net, I don't think I've lost it like that for many years. I will never ever forget it.

  • Vote for Hayes goal as your favourite FA Cup fourth-round goal...

  • It was a fantastic strike...which he has now to replicate in every game to stop the drones.

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