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This one will run and Run - Your top 3 all time Wycombe Players. By decade 70's 80's 90' 00's 10's

Some players overlap of course but hey don't worry about it. It might change every other week depending on where mind wanders to. If you want to add 60's and 50' please do.

1970's - Tony Horseman, Dave Alexander, John Delaney
1980's - Noel Ashford, Mark West, Gary Lester
1990's - Dave Carroll, Steve Guppy, Jason Cousins
2000's - Martin Taylor Andy Rammell, MIke Williamson
2010's - Gareth Ainsworth, Sam Wood, Josh Scowen


  • 1970's don't know
    1980's don't know
    1990's Guppy , Garner , Regis
    2000's Tyson , Rammell , Martin

  • 1990's - Brown, Ryan, Jesus
    2000's - Taylor, Tyson, McCarthy
    2010's - Scowen, Jacobson, LJ

    Not necessarily the best, but my favourite.

  • 1990's - Dave Carroll (best ever), Steve Thompson, Steve Guppy.
    2000's - Taylor, McCarthy, Ruby.
    2010's - Joe Jacobson, Alfie Mawson, Stuart Beavon.

  • 1970's - John Maskell, Derek Harris,Keith Mead
    1980's - Noel Ashford, Anton Vircavs, Terry Glynn
    1990's - Simon Garner, Keith Scott, Jason Cousins
    2000's - Martin Taylor Andy Rammell, Michael Simpson
    2010's - Joe Jacobson, Josh Scowen,Aaron Pierre

  • 2000's: Torres, Williamson, Tyson
    2010's: Beavon, Wood, Ingram

  • 1990s: Steve McGavin, Dave Carroll, Keith Ryan
    2000s: Paul McCarthy, Andy Rammell, Michael Simpson
    2010s: Josh Scowen, Matt Bloomfield, Gareth Ainsworth

  • Micky Hollifield, Bodger, Maskell. Ashford, Westy, Vircavs. Steve Thompson, Dave Carroll, Steve Guppy. Williamson, Taylor, Tyson. Jacobson, Scowen, Mawson.

  • 80's: Ashford, Durham, West
    90's: Guppy, Garner, Carroll
    00's: McCarthy, Tyson, Johnson
    10's: Scowen, Hayes, Ainsworth

  • Ashford, west, read.
    Taylor, Jesus, guppy.
    Brown, Rammell, McCarthy.
    Scowen, Hayes, Ainsworth.

    Special mentions for....cousins, scott, rhino, bates, link, Kerr, garner, Hyde.

  • 90's Jesus, Guppy, Cousins
    00's Rambo, Tommy Doc, Garner
    10's JJ, Josh, Beavon

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    80s - Westy, Ashford, D Link
    90s - Westy, Guppy, Creaser
    00s - Taylor, Simpson, Macca
    10s - Beavon, Scowen, Ainsworth

    Honourable mentions for Granville, Lester, Hydey, Cousins, Evans, Crossley, Ryan, Blackler, Jesus, Scott, Devine, Tyson Garner and Walton.

  • 80's: Ashford, Link D, West
    90's: Carroll, Garner, Guppy
    00's: Devine, Taylor M, Tyson
    10's: Ainsworth, Pierre, Scowen

  • When I got married last year my 12 tables were My all time 11 plus manager. I'll bore you with the list. 1 Taylor, 2 cousins, 3 brownie, 4 Ryan, 5 McCarthy 6 bates, 7 Ainsworth 8 Torres 9 Devine 10 rammell 11 Jesus, manager o'neill

  • Not wishing to be left behind by the young I would like to suggest:-
    1950s, Len Worley, Dennis Syrett, Frank Westley

  • Excluding loanees:
    90s M Taylor, Guppy, Garner
    00s R Johnson, T Doherty, Tyson
    10s Pierre, Scowen, Beavon

  • @wingnut said:
    Not wishing to be left behind by the young I would like to suggest:-
    1950s, Len Worley, Dennis Syrett, Frank Westley

    I would have loved to see them play

  • I struggled to pick just 3, leaving out Mickey Holifield, Andy Kerr and Jason Cousins I hang my head in shame. I only saw a few games in the 60s but Charlie Gale used to take my programme in tothe changing room get it signed and bring it out to me, what a guy.
    60s Worley, Horseman, Gale.
    70s Maskell, Horseman, Searle.
    80s Ashford, West, Link D.
    90s Guppy, Carroll, Ryan.
    00s Torres, Williamson, Johnson.
    10s Beavon, Scowan, Ingram.

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    90's - Devine, Taylor, Rammell
    00's - Johnson, Mooney, Tyson
    10's - Beavon, Pierre, Ainsworth

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