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Isa Guha

Not sure how many on the Gasroom share my interest in cricket to the extent of listening to commentary on Radio 5 Live Extra but I was delighted to discover that High Wycombe's own Isa Guha is part of the commentary team in Calcutta.


  • My guess would be that there is a disproportionate number of contributors on this forum that listen to cricket on 5 live extra. And probably none from the Facebook crowd.

    I fear for the future I really do....

  • @micra yeah I think she's really good as well

  • Isa has a great future in broadcasting. Been impressed with her on TMS and Sky for a year or two now. Has managed to bridge the gap in to the mainstream so well. Her tribute to Rachel Heyhoe Flint last week was very moving.

  • I've really been missing out by the sound of it. Love her calm understated style, sense of humour, cricket knowledge and honeyed tones.
    Spent ten minutes this afternoon shortly after 4pm switching back and forth between Sky channels 401 and 402. Two amazing finishes; one I thoroughly enjoyed and the other disappointed me.

  • Agreed, she's very good - I played cricket with her brother once.

  • and I believe that she is a Blues fan too

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