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Advice please Newcastle v QPR

I will be working and staying in Newcastle on 20 Feb when Newcastle play QPR. Id like to go in the home end but wonder if with an MK address I'm likely to have problems buying tickets and also if my soft southern accent might be an issue in the home end. No real experience of Premiership grounds other than with Chairboys. Any advice please?


  • 1) move away from Milton Keynes
    2) learn which teams are in the Premiership and which aren't

    Otherwise you'll be fine as long as you don't act like a dick. If anybody asks, just explain why you are there.

  • You might be better trying to get tickets now, assuming it lets you register -

  • edited January 2017


  • My brother went to Newcastle Uni and regularly attended games against London teams in the Newcastle end, despite having a rather well to do southern accent. You wont have any issues.

  • @slaphead, there's no club in the country that sells out that has their whole match going support with the same accent!

    cheer Newcastle or be quiet and noone will even give you a second thought

  • Speaking as an exile who rarely gets to Wycombe games (no chance of a Spurs ticket for me!) I regularly watch games as a neutral and despite my somewhat RP tone no-one anywhere in the country has batted an eyelid.

  • I no longer think the accent will be a problem - I was misinformed about the opposition who are Aston Villa!

  • Get your ticket ASAP!

    That will sell out I'd have thought

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