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Matt Ingram

Looks like Matty got a bit of stick after his performance in the F.A Cup at the weekend -

Got to feel a bit sorry for him really, big move last January and he has hardly featured at all and doesn't look like breaking in while Alex Smithies is still there

Was the QPR move such a good one for him?


  • Hard to see both Smithies and Ingram both being at QPR on Feb 1 (poss Ingram out to a lg1 club on loan)

  • Blackman is a better goalkeeper than Ingram.

  • Maybe yes, maybe no. Not massively relevant now.

    Not completely impossible, unless Smithies moves on, that Ingram may be our keeper (on loan) for the 17/8 season.

  • Doesn't make for pretty reading that QPR forum. I really hope Mat gets a chance to shine there.

  • Last time he played he got man of the match and they were loving him, basket case club for over a decade, got lots of problems, Matty least of them.

  • QPR fans are amongst the most irrational I've ever sat amongst. Alot of them deserve the current mess they are in to be honest.

    I hope Matt Ingram gets a chance but even if he takes a step back he's young enough to get to the top.

  • I feel more confident with Blackman in goal than I did with Ingram. Ingram is probably a better close range shot stopper but his weakness was taking command of his box and the high ball which Blackman excels in and consequently takes a lot of pressure off his fellow defenders.

  • Agreed for a tall keeper, Ingram's major weakness was crosses and commanding his box. You feel a lot more confident when long throws and corners are conceded with Jamal between the sticks.

  • Against Stourbridge in particular Ingram would have struggled hugely with the long throws coming in. Cracking keeper yes, but the odd already highlighted mistake aside, Blackman seems like a safer pair of hands.

  • I agree that Blackman is better than Ingram, but that's because Blackman is great rather anything being wrong with Ingram.

  • That's fickle football fans for you.

    You only have to view our own facebook page.

    Even with an injury ravaged squad being an obvious reason for our poor run, the same people were on EVERY game moaning.
    And even after a few wins were abusing anyone who had a go at them.

    Now, they haven't been seen for 6-7weeks!
    Probably stewing in the background until the next defeat

  • Lucky you stayed loyal then Malone!

  • @malone And they're the same ones that chant 'loyal supporters'.

  • @Blue_since_1990 , have seen almost as many years of dreadful footy as you, so i didn't get too upset!

    it wasn't like 3 years ago with Tha sinking feeling that the players we were watching lose every week were out nest bet!

  • Think you are away with the birds on this one, Malone.

  • He hasn't twigged

  • edited January 2017

    I thought only @micra got hung up on accidental typos :-)

    (When not obsessing about the height of various men)

  • Accidental typos are a joy @micra. Not so sure about men's height

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