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Wycombe Vs Tottenham Hotspur Reserves in "Battle of Britain Cup" 1956

Looking through the history books at our last "competitive" meeting with Tottenham shows a 3-1 victory for the blues in the Battle of Britain Cup on 19th September 1956.

A quick google search found that a single sheet programme from this was recently sold in an online auction:

I just wondered if any Wycombe historians can provide any more context on this fixture?
What on earth was the Battle of Britain Cup?


  • I do remember Wycombe losing to a Spurs team in October 89 for Gary Lester's testimonial. They had about the same amount of first teamers as we're likely to face in a few weeks time tho Paul Walsh put in a great performance with a hat trick.

  • Didn't we play spurs in a pre season friendly at AP during one of the first years at our new home? Not a competitive game though.

  • We played them in a friendly in the late 90s or early 00s as well. It might have been a testimonial.

  • 21/7/01 Spurs won 2-1 according to the excellent COTN.

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    i remember being at a friendly against Tottenham at Adams Park when Helder Postiga scored for the spurs

    found this...

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    We also played them in Pre season game in 85/86 a really strong young Spurs side. Tony Parks, Vinny Samways, John Moncour, Ian Culverhouse, Mark Bowen, David Howells, Ian Crook all played in that game.

    Here is the BFP report form the game that night

  • We also played them at Loakes Park for Gary Lester's testimonial

    Lester saved a penalty from Paul Walsh, if I remember correctly

  • Ah, someone's already mentioned that. Apologies

  • With regard to the Battle of Britain Cup 15 Sept is Battle of Britain Day and is still celebrated. The cup used to be played for as close to that day as possible and for RAF Charities.

  • Wycombe’s first game against Tottenham Hotspur was on Saturday 19 October 1895 at Northumberland Park, their first enclosed ground which they moved into in 1888.

    The Chairboys won 4-3 after taking a 4-0 lead. Link to the Bucks Free Press report: - it is sharp enough if you zoom in.

    Some notes I made for the Loakes Park commemorative brochure:

    The following week saw the first away trip of the season for a match against Tottenham Hotspur Reserves at Northumberland Park. This match, Club Captain Charlie Harper explained at the A.G.M. the following summer, was arranged on the spur of the moment to give the players a break from playing at home every Saturday. “A good muster of spectators” included some former Wycombe residents and the Wanderers were “repeatedly cheered by this contingent whenever they did creditable work.”

    The visitors found themselves two goals up at half time in spite of some unsportsmanlike behaviour by Spurs, which brought forth the cry from the pavilion of “Have him turned off”. The lead was stretched to 4-0 before the home team rallied, scoring three goals in the last twenty minutes. “The semi-darkness was the only reason for the Wycombe custodian being beaten so easily.” The Free Press ‘Gossip’ column noted that “the welcome voice of Captain Harper urging his forwards to shoot induced one spectator to remark ‘Are the Wanderers a professional team because I observe they have a trainer!’. Comment is needless.”

  • Cheers for that Steve. Can't wait to shout 'Have him turned off' next time an opposition player conducts himself in a less than professional manner.

    By the way, I believe the 2001 friendly defeat was a testimonial for physio Dave Jones.

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