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Spurs Sympathisers Amnesty

Seems to be loads of people at Adams Park who have half an ear out for the Spurs result.

Come on, own up on here if this Cup draw is THE big one for you


  • I used to follow Spurs as a lad, along with Wycombe. In fact back in the early 90's I'd often go up to White Hart Lane, if Wycombe were away up north. I dropped my interest in Spurs as soon as we got into the League though. Still got some fond memories of my trips up there however and White Hart Lane is without doubt one of the great British stadiums in terms of atmosphere.

  • I was a big Spurs fan as a boy, bedroom wall plastered with photos of Jimmy Greaves, still a hero to me and England's finest ever goalscorer. After classmates badgered me for a year to see Wycombe, I finally gave in and saw the 9-0 thrashing of Chalfont St Peter in the B&B in '73. I was hooked and never looked back, I saw Bodger as my local Greavesie. Going to WHL is going to be very exciting and very emotional, especially in its last season as the old stadium.

  • A big "if" we could pull off the miracle, could this be the last ever FA Cup match played at WHL?

  • This was the draw I was hoping for!

    My family hail from Tottenham & Edmonton originally so the Spurs have been in my genes for a long time. However, having moved to Wycombe when I was young lad, the first ever football match I attended was at Loakes Park to see the Wanderers v Bromley in the Isthmian League. I was hooked from then on but have always kept a close eye on Tottenham. Even though I got into the commentating lark a bit late, since I started I've always wanted to cover a game at White Hart Lane, and this year's FA Cup was pretty much my last chance. I'm over the moon!

    Win, lose, or draw it will be an amazing day, but whatever the outcome, it's a huge result for WW!

  • My first "big" game (1st div) was spurs v Everton, think it was around 77 or 78, remember being behind the goal in the spurs end with a friend who was a toffee. My dad made him hide his Everton scarf!
    Think it ended 1 all but good day out.

    Can't wait, flying back for it.

  • This will leave West Ham as the only Prem or FL side, on whom a ground(that they once occupied) that we havent played on.

  • Sorry (In London)

  • @ChasHarps. I see what you're doing. Trying to sucker people into the "When did we every play at Highbury"? question.

  • edited January 2017

    Basic Wycombe history Mr Twizz!

  • Not the clearest phrasing but I presume intended to mean club rather than ground, i.e. Highbury ticks the box for both Highbury and the Emirates?

    Crystal Palace - covered by match against Wimbledon etc

  • Highbury, Fleetwood? or are we going back to the 1930s?

  • Pretty sure we once played an amateur cup final at Highbury.

  • edited January 2017

    ... and semi-final v Corinthian Casuals 1957

    1957 Amateur Cup semi-final programme

  • West Ham should have been this season until they remembered they were only interested in tbe efl trophy up to a point.

  • edited January 2017

    But we have played Crystal Palace away in a league match though...

  • On the subject of which London grounds Wycombe Wanderers have graced, I believe we could have played at Upton Park for one of the three games we played against West Ham Utd reserves in 1905 and 1906 in the Southern League Div 2.

    @RogertheBandito We played away at Crystal Palace in Southern League Div 2 in 1906 as well, though that was at Crystal Palace (at the former FA Cup Final venue on the current site of the athletics track) rather than Selhurst Park, which wasn't opened until 1924.

  • Back to the topic at the start of this gloriously derailed thread, I've only 'supported' Spurs once, but it was only to spite my Gooner dad. And I didn't inhale.

  • This is THE GAME for me.

    I was born and brought up in Royston and Tottenham were the nearest league club - being just down the A10. Despite my dad coming from the West Ham area, I took notice of my grandad who told me that Spurs were the team to follow. That was about 1960 - during the season when they went on to win the Double.

    As a lad, my family were too busy running their own business to ever take me to a Spurs game on a Saturday and so it wasn't until I started going to football with a few mates that we occasionally went to White Hart Lane. One memorable night there was the very first game played for Spurs by Ossie Ardiles and Ricky Villa against Aston Villa - though Spurs lost that one.

    My job brought me to the Wycombe area in 1986. By 1992-93 season the eldest two boys were old enough for me to take to a match and with Premier League prices then being out of reach for a young family, I brought them to WWFC's first ever home league match. We have been coming ever since.

    But my strong allegiance with Tottenham has remained (through thick and often thin) but it just remained a dream of ever seeing Wycombe Wanderers playing Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

    Until now that is!

    Needless to say Ii will be supporting the Chairboys on the day - wearing my half and half scarf with great pride in both clubs.

  • I hadn't thought of that. There are going to be half/half scarves. That's taken the shine off!

  • Just wait until we play col u in the play off final

  • @AlanCecil I think Aston Villa won that game 4-1 didn't they? If correct - I was there, as well (feeling a bit pissed off).

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