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Liverpool Checkatrade versus the Mighty Argyle

Genius tactics from Derek Adams. Making a laughing stock of League 2 football.



  • Just looked at the half time stats, 80% possession, 12 shots v zero etc. On that basis, it's only a matter of time before Liverpool mash this Plymouth team.

  • Like I said, genius tactics!! Hugely remunerative replay. But, with Liverpool fielding half a dozen teenagers, I couldn't believe how they did no pressing whatsoever in the first half. As Steve McManaman remarked at half time, it was like attackers against defence in a training session. But it worked.

  • Does add another fixture to their schedule though which is good for us.

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    I wonder if Liverpool will be as arrogant as to put a similar lineup in the away game. Just about got away with such behaviour last year v Exeter, with the difference being that the replay was at home.

  • Man Utd have contrived to give lower teams replays in recent years. Think it might be a way of getting their youngsters more games. Didn't see the game today but I did hear a massive over reaction from the BBC reporter on the news. It wasn't a shock at all was it?

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    Man Utd have contrived to give lower teams replays in recent years. Think it might be a way of getting their youngsters more games. Didn't see the game today but I did hear a massive over reaction from the BBC reporter on the news. It wasn't a shock at all was it?

    I seem to recall that Exeter (the well known away specialists) drew at Old Trafford about ten years ago. Jurgen Kop put a spin on it very much along the lines that you suggest - ie that it gives the youngsters an opportunity to play against older, experienced, physically stronger opponents (compared with the development squads that they usually play against). Given the average age of the starting eleven (about 19 or 20) it wasn't a shock at all, as you say.

  • Financially Argyle will do very well out of this - £1m is being spoken about, huge at their level. But always think this takes away a little of the dream. On paper Argyle got a draw at Liverpool, but in reality they know that they only really got a draw against some kids. Shame.

  • Well, Oxford got commemorative mugs made up after they knocked out Swansea reserves last year.

  • Genuine question though.

    Lets say we were drawn away to say Arsenal next round. Would you rather go there and play their first team, once in a lifetime match for our lads against their heroes, give them a fright or two but realistically probably lose OR go there and play some unknown kids and maybe get a replay against Arsenal youth and maybe a bit more money. I think with the latter, I would feel a little cheated.

  • Playing a youth team defeats the whole object of the cup and would be a massive dissapointment. I'm not even sure I'd bother to go.

  • You mean unknown kids like Ramsey, Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Monreal (all of whom started on Saturday)?

    I know the point you're making but I'm not sure Arsenal is the best example. I think the FA Cup's too important to him, and to Arsenal, for Wenger to take the full Liverpool approach.

    Our record against Premiership kids this year is quite good as it happens.

  • Instinctively I agree. Yet read the Argyle forum and they seemed to have had a whale of a time. Had Liverpool put out their first team and been two up after 20 minutes, I suspect they would have enjoyed themselves far less.

  • I would prefer at least some first team 'stars' to appear. It's not surprising that Arsenal put a reasonably strong side out at Preston, I doubt it'd be so strong if they were home to a div 4 side. Man U have had a few narrow escapes with putting young teams out, against Exeter and Burton and of course they lost, at home, to the then div 3 Leeds a few years back. Klopp clearly has a low regard for the FA Cup, but he's certainly not the only one. To make 5 or 6 changes might be acceptable but 10 changes is taking the p**s, regardless of the status of the opposition.

  • If drawn away to Arsenal in the next round I would rather a third option to those presented by @DevC: I would rather go there and win, regardless of the players selected to represent them on the day.* If I don't get to see Sanchez or whoever else displaying their skills then I won't be too disappointed, particularly because, if he was to play, I would in any case be spending the entire match hoping that he doesn't display any skills or that the Wycombe players don't allow him to display them. I can assure you I would get a great deal more enjoyment from seeing Sam Wood scuffle a goal against a weakened Arsenal team to send us through to the 5th round than I would from seeing a sublime effort from Sanchez soaring past Blackman to knock us out.

    *I will have the same preference if we draw any of the other teams remaining in the competition; home or away.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    Playing a youth team defeats the whole object of the cup and would be a massive dissapointment. I'm not even sure I'd bother to go.

    That's spectacular nonsense and no mistake. Aside from anything else, how would you possibly know what line up they were going to pick at the time you had to purchase a ticket?

  • Like it or not, for the club it is better to play a Premier reserve team and have a chance of getting a result, than get walloped by say Chelsea playing the likes of Costa, Hazard, Willian etc.

    Can any supporter really not want to do a Plymouth and come out with an estimated £1m and still a chance of progessing to the next round. Just imagine what Gareth could do next season with a significant increase in the playing budget. At the end of the day it is the League which is the main target.

  • Whilst I find it appalling how the likes of Liverpool treat the FA Cup, if we were playing against them or whoever, as far as I would be concerned the weaker the team they field the better. I want to see Wycombe with a chance of progressing, not just turning up for a day out and a sound thrashing.

  • So Righty, given your comment above, and the reality that Tottenham will play a very weakened team, should we assume you will not be going?

  • Doesn't matter who they play....


  • Why is it a "reality that spurs will play a very weakened team"?

  • History. And they have a league game 3 days later.

  • I can understand a couple of players rested/benched for the occasion, but surely not the full 'Eddie Howe'?

  • We'll have to wait and see of course but a similar line up as they played against Villa perhaps. I'm afraid the reality these days is that if losing to us would guarantee a top 4 finish then Spurs wouldn't put out a team at all.

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    Would you have taken a loss to Stourbridge if it guaranteed promotion?

  • That's not quite the same as the millions of pounds that go to clubs in the Champions League. Any Prem club would take a top 4 finish over an FA Cup win.

  • Tottenham side at weekend had three first team starters. Previous years they did the same. Whether right or not to prioritise league and champions league, its what they do. Team against us is highly likely to be reserves and kids. That said any of our players would walk to White Hart Lane for a contract to play in their reserves.

  • Only two "first team starters" (Alderveireld and Dier) played against Aston Villa to be exact. The remainder of the team were not exactly reserves and kids either. Most of them have featured in Europe or have been regulars on the bench this season. Still a strong team whichever way you look at it.

  • I'd add Son to your duo , Cyclops.

    The other eight had 22 league first team appearances between them, 12 between two of them - most subbed off.

    That was against a championship team. Expectation surely that it would be an even weaker team against a Lg2 side.

  • When they are all fit and available Son does not usually start.

  • Well all a matter of opinion what a first teamer is defined as, but he started all six champions league games and has featured in every league game since August, starting all but six of them. He has started 66% of first team games (excluding league cup) this season (74% since August). For me he's a first team starter.

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