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Match day thread: Stourbridge



  • WTF is going on with that badge? Pears? And why is there a dog(?) hanging from a bridge? Is there some weird history like with Hartlepool, the monkey hangers...?

  • That badge looks the the dogs bollocks

  • TRM
    edited January 7

    @Fidget Whereas a duck that's seemingly into bondage makes so much more sense!

  • Its a Swan actually..... That maybe like being take for a walk

  • The bondage swans, great name for a band

  • Interesting, if slightly bewildering, insight provided by the link posted by @StrongestTeam ! Gotta get the traditional matchday Full English now. COYB.

  • Just finished mine! Best of luck everybody.

  • Better to chain a swan than hang a dog.

  • The chains on the swan are broken to represent freedom from the monarchy.

  • Actually the chains show that the swan is tied to the monarch

  • But the chains are broken... anyway sounds like we've given Stourbridge enough tickets.

  • What's happening in the game?.

  • 1 up... Wood on 47

  • Woody!!!!!!! Get in boys!!!!!!!

  • The beast!! 2-1

  • Player is on delay!!!! Just checked the Beeb and saw it was 2-1 yet the commentary was still at 1-1. Wtf?! Why the delay I thought it was supposed to be live....!? On the player the beast just scored at what would be 4.55pm Grrrrrr.

  • Into the 4th round for only the second time in our history! Great stuff!

  • Against stourbridge!!.

  • 4th round here we come. Sounded like a great game with a good atmosphere

  • @brittanywanderer Does not matter who the opponents are, just have to make sure we beat them. Great scenes

  • @brittanywanderer we're in the 4th round of the FA Cup for the second time in our history. Enjoy it!

  • If their 9 was as good as he thought he was he'd be playing for Barcelona.

    Good cup tie where we were clearly the better team but they scrapped and used their height well.

  • That was a hard game, but we are through.
    Well done boys ... ⚽

  • I am enjoying it without doubt hope it's a good draw next time, not being at the matches and relying on teleprinter type commentary it's like reading a book with pages missing but hey ho got the result COYB now where did I put my glass needs filling again.

  • Anfield please, well fought there, good side.

  • I disagree I though we were lucky to win. Not saying we should have lost but their intensity was excellent, they had numerous set peices which were dangerous, hit the bar and drew good saves out of Blackman in the first half.

  • They are a damn site better than some of the teams we have played in the league (or efl trophy) recently, credit where its due.

  • I agree, it was a very excellent FA Cup match. It's a pity that some idiot had to send a flare onto the pitch which could cost Stourbridge a large fine. I hope they caught the idiot and that he was not a regular fan of Stourbridge.

  • Thought they was a decent side and certainly pushed us all the way aided by the ref.They was all about getting free kicks and long throws and never got behind us.

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