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Rowe back on loan at Barrow

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Hopefully means the chances of us keeping Gape have increased?


  • Interesting and I think unexpected development. Rest of season not just a month too. Do have to wonder if GA has for some reason given up on Rowe.

    I suspect given that Barrow and WWFC are not yet running the story that this was supposed to be embargoed for a bit longer and that this website has jumped the gun.

    Hard to believe we don't have at least one replacement lined up - Gape? Saunders?

  • Dreadful news. I really feel for Danny Rowe who's given us so much over his years and yet never seems to get the run in the side he deserves. While GA has done a lot right since the beginning of November this very much counts in the negative column for me, no matter who he signs to replace Rowe. A very disappointing decision.

  • Have you seen Danny Rowe in training?

  • No. Have you?

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    I'd say Gape is definitely done.
    He's not going to get near a Premier league squad yet, so why not leave him playing every week for a team going well?

    The Rowe things surely confirms it.
    And Rowe I dare say has it all to do to make it here, despite many people being very positive.

    For me, he's mere cover in defence, and hasn't come close to being able to command a midfield place, so really needs a huge year next year

  • I certainly haven't but I'm sure Ainsworth has so based on the limited appearances Rowe has made surely you have to back his decision? I'd understand it if he'd had a blinding few games and had been harshly out but he clearly hasn't done enough. Nonetheless I do agree it's disappointing.

  • I wonder whether Rowe will be here at all next season ? " Two seasons and rarely being selected, i would be suprised if he doesnt return to the North for good. Personally i have never been over impressed with Rowe.

  • "The odd 'mare" . Really? When has he ever had a run of more than a handful of games to give him the opportunity to gel with team-mates and build up match fitness and confidence? Perhaps he won't develop into a consistent lower league midfielder; we'll have to wait until next season to find out. [Asterisks clearly don't italicise a word on Windows - my iPhone has now been out of action for a month and apparently cannot be repaired. Out of warranty and still awaiting a response from Apple to an email sent to their CEO over a week ago about my consumer rights.]

  • Oh, italics have appeared - after posting.

  • If people are saying this means Rowe has no future at Wycombe, by the same reasoning you must think Gape has no future at Southampton. As @StrongestTeam says, you can't improve sat on the bench every week, so why not go away (closer to home) and get match experience. He's still only 21; plenty of time to make his mark.

  • The guy's only just turned 21! He'll do well if he gets an extended run.

  • I think you will find Southampton have many more players available to them than we do at Adams Park, With our small squad and no reserve or Youth team, any player shipped out till May is unlikely to be considered an integeral cog to the team.

  • @ChasHarps said:
    I think you will find Southampton have many more players available to them than we do at Adams Park, With our small squad and no reserve or Youth team, any player shipped out till May is unlikely to be considered an integeral cog to the team.

    Not sure if this is positive or not.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover , closer to home yes. But still 120 odd miles away from where he was born, and 145miles away from the club we picked him up from.

    So hardly "Pop home" territory in either.

  • @micra Off-topic, but I've got the feeling Tim Cook isn't going to see that email.

    And back to the topic at hand. Rowe was extremely impressive in his first spell at the club in central defence, and kept Stewart out of the team. Ainsworth has seen enough of him in the past to offer him a three year deal and I doubt anything has changed significantly since then. I expect this loan is because it will be good for his development and because Gape will be here for the rest of the season.

  • I have to apologise to @StrongestTeam regarding the number of opportunities Danny Rowe has had. I see that he played 15 games before his injury but, by the time he was fit again, Luke O'Nien had returned and has (thankfully) been an ever-present since.

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    @StrongestTeam , surely the tackling side is one of his best features! I accept he's not good on the ball, but if he's not a passer or a tackler, (as he's clearly zero goal threat and zero creativity) what on earth has he made a career of? A lot higher than our level!

  • Agree (as I think most people would) about Marcus Bean. Industrious and lively but somewhat uncontrolled. My heart is often in my mouth when he has the ball near the box (which, of course, is often the case in that defensive midfield role). I keep checking the official website to see if we've managed (a) to compete with wealthier competitors and/or (b) persuaded Dom Gape and his agent that, for the immediate future, money is not the be-all and end-all.

  • @micra , the lack of a Rowe twitter announcement suggests that we don't want to give any advantage to the opponents with any Gape news.

    And would reduce the "surprise" factor of announcing it pre kick off tomorrow.
    Gaz is good with this sort of thing.

  • A real awkward one for us, the fans to offer an insightful opinion on. I was really impressed during his initial loan, (in the centre back role?), thought his timing, control & distribution was excellent given his age. Also excited when he signed for three years, thinking he was one for the future, but clearly can't see how he would oust Pierre, Stewart, so he was moved forward in front of the back four. Now he has competition from Bloomfield, Bean, Gape? With DeHavilland & the mysterious Muller also in the middle of the back four it's not difficult to see why he has been given a loan spell to Barrow. He certainly appears athletic enough for this level, so I for one hope that this is to give him game time to get match fit & honestly hope that he can command a place further up the pecking order for next season.

  • Whether on loan to us or someone else, Micra, money in the short term is not the issue for Gape. He gets whatever his Soton contract is. Others may pay Soton a higher proportion of this salary than us.

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    @Malone - all I said was closer to home, which you agree with, so where the `pop home' bit comes from I don't know, unless you're just wanting to disagree with something I didn't say, for the sake of it.

  • I see Danny Rowe is in the starting line up for Barrow today. Hope he has a great game.

  • Had presumed he would be cup tied, but obviously had fallen out of favour by those games. Good to see he went straight in and had a game though.

    Hope he does well and comes back firing.

  • Have I read this all wrong? Eventual replacement for Pierre? So assuming Pierre is going nowhere til the summer?

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