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Minutes Applause in memory of Glen Fyrth

edited January 2017 in Football

One minutes applause planned for the 38th minute in memory of chairboy Glen Fyrth who sadly passed away at just 38 years old . RIP Glen


  • A top man, with a young Family. I for sure, will rise and clap in the 38th. RIP mate

  • Glen was a lovely man and will be greatly missed by his family and all who knew him. Taken far too young. Well done WW Trust.

  • Agreed, I hope everyone will join in with this.

    Glen was a great guy and has been taken way, way too young. I feel so sorry for his wife and young family who will miss him immensely.

  • Very sad news indeed. We must all pass the word on about the 38th minute applause but I imagine that once those in the know start clapping most people will cotton on.

  • I would expect an announcement over the PA system, 5 minutes before KO, would help for the many thousands there that wouldn't have a clue about the circumstances?

  • Not sure. Something on the big screen perhaps?

  • I imagine a picture or something will come on the screen in the 38th minute anyway.

  • The club wants to do everything it can but is limited by available resources. Matt will no doubt make some sort of announcement and the scrolling items on the big screen should include a tribute to Glen.

    Sadly with Matt working alone, he has to load the big screen graphics on a loop and leave them to scroll, so it wont be possible to coincide this with the 38th minute.
    Therefore keep spreading the word and hopefully many people will join in.

    The last I heard was that Sarah was hoping to listen in via Chairboys Player to hear this tribute to Glen

  • A minutes applause for Glyn would be fitting. Always such a tragedy when anyone passes away so young with so much of their life still ahead of them. Condolences and best wishes to his family and friends.

  • Funeral arrangements now stated on the Trust website article.

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