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Away Games So Far

Looking at the table, I've noticed that we have played:

  • Plymouth
  • Carlisle
  • Doncaster
  • Portsmouth
  • Luton
  • Cambridge

all away from home. And Blackpool too, who have been just behind us challenging for the playoffs until last week.
That is quite a coincidence, and should put us in a great position for the second half of the season when all of these teams must travel to us. We have played all of the top teams away already. The most difficult games have all been completed by halfway through the year.


  • Indeed, it changes the attitude too. There is no game now that we will go into not believing 100 per cent we can win. Whereas that Luton away/Pompey away fortnight we were praying we could somehow pick up a point from one of those.

  • We don't have anyone to fear in this league.

  • Only 10 away games left too, whilst 12 home.
    However, one downfall could be we already had Accrington & Crewe away scheduled for midweek. Exeter is now also due to FA Cup 3rd Round involvement, with Col U a real chance of that also being moved.
    That'll mean 4 of our remaining 10 away games are midweek trips..

  • Rather depends on whether you are a glass half full or glass half empty kind of guy.

    The positive side has been covered above. Everyone is in a happy mood at present. There is another way of looking at it. By the end of the month, we may have lost our key defender in Pierre, who knows whether his replacement will prove as strong, defenders may have started to work out Kashket, a few may lose a bit of form, perhaps get a few key injuries.

    Suddenly Luton (h) Col U (a) Portsmth (h) Stevenage (a) crewe (a) Carlisle (h) looks daunting. May not win any of them.

    Occasionally football kicks up an amazing result, Leicester last year in the premier, us and Accy in Lg2 in the last couple of years, but not too often. This year the big six premier teams fill the top six places, six of the top seven Lg2 places are filled by the expected teams - we are the only exception again.

    My view, enjoy the amazing run while it lasts, hope it continues to a fairytale at the end of the season, rejoice in the talented hardworking players and management the club has, but don't be too disappointed or too surprised if gravity and reality strikes and the club cant quite keep it up and fades to midtable. It would still be a good season.

  • Timely reminder that we need to stay grounded @DevC. Particularly agree with the final para.

  • Sometimes they do last though - Northampton last season for example. So while I agree with all those who say keep your feet on the ground, those among us who dream aren't dreaming the impossible.

  • I'm with @Wig_and_Pen, dare to dream?

    Why not! Obviously a big transfer window for the club, if by the end the squad hasnt been decimated and maybe add in key areas, there is a real chance.

    I use Bournemouth as an example, 2009 second bottom of the football league with an average gate of 5k. Last night, they were leading Arsenal till the 91st minute and squaring up against the likes of Sanchez and Giroud.......

  • Thanks for the advice Dev. None of us has the first clue what to think or feel without it

  • I always value - and almost envy - DevC's emotionless analysis. A few weeks ago this was the worst, most depressing season I could remember and I was confidently predicting next season we'd be back in the conference (or whatever it's called now). Fast forward a couple of months and I'm stressing over whether I'd rather Doncaster beat Portsmouth tomorrow night or vice versa to keep top spot in reach.

    Must be much healthier keeping a level of detachment about it all

  • @bookertease , start commenting on a team you never watch, and live 200miles away from, and you can pretty easily create the same feeling!

  • Just expressing an opinion, gents, I always thought that was allowed on this country. Managed to express mine without abusing others too.

    You might be better off following my advice though , Eric. After all if we followed yours, we would have sacked Gareth ainsworth a couple of months ago.

  • @DevC that just isn't true Dev. Eric said he hoped Ainsworth would turn things around several times.

  • I think you will find that Mr plant called for GA to be dismissed, Peter. Would you like to confirm or deny Eric.

  • Why does it really matter Dev except in respect of your point scoring? You have to accept that unlike you, us mere mortals make wrong calls from time to time.

  • Well he said it perhaps it might be time to make a change but genuinely hopes GA proves him wrong.

    Seems a strange poster to pick on as an example of those calling for Ainsworth to be sacked.

  • The calls for changing the manager were ludicrously premature, bearing in mind we had so many injuries. A BS excuse for a lot of managers, but for ours a very valid one.

    Not to mention how we weren't ever going to sack him when we almost went down, so there was no prospect of it anyway.

  • I never called for Ainsworth to be sacked. Always always said how much I liked him, even if I didn't think we were playing well

    Stop being silly

  • I've found the post you're talking about:

    "I don't really like sacking managers and I really like Gaz as a bloke, but it's got so utterly awful to watch that I think it might be time to make a change I'd (genuinely) love him to prove me wrong"

    Hardly waving an "Ainsworth Out" banner is it?

    And as it turns out, as stated, I am indeed delighted to have been proved wrong

  • In terms of player movements this January, I actually think we've already completed the bit of business most likely to keep us in playoff contention. Given the choice of playing the second half of the season with either Blackman or Pierre, I'd choose Blackman. He's so desperately important. Pierre is fantastic but we've all been saying how Stewart has begun to eclipse him. I liked what I saw of Muller against Millwall. If - and it's a big if - he's now fit then I'd be happy with him and Stewart taking us through to a Wembley final in May.

  • I suppose it doesn't matter much but I am really struggling to see how "I think it might be time to make a change" is not calling for him to be sacked.

    I obviously don't see many games so I may have just got lucky, but I can't remember a game (with the possible exception of Donancien if Pierre was playing that day) when whoever was playing with Pierre didn't look good. I don't think that's a coincidence. Would be a massive loss IMHO.

  • For christs sake give it a rest Dev.

  • If I was GA I would be begging AH to turn down any offers for Pierre in return for promising a real shot at promotion! If we get promoted Pierre may sign a new contract anyway.

  • And if we get past Stourbridge and get a decent Premier League team in the 4th, we might even be able to afford to pay him what he's offered elsewhere.

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