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Yesterdays handball

Just watched the highlight of the handball penalty appeal again, iam starting
to question my own sanity to why the linesman gave a corner !!
He is in a perfect position to see one of the most blatant handballs you will ever see.
I hope the club, send a copy into the correct authorities, and perhaps ask the linesman to explain himself.
I appreciate how difficult it is to officiate in the modern game, but its beyond belief that the linesman could give not see that incident.


  • @ChasHarps only just posted the very same under match day thread.

  • Most linesmen seem in need of a trip to Specsavers!

  • I think most linesmen are on some kind of trip!

  • I paused the highlights at the right moment and the bloke has practically parried it out for a corner, poor form from the lino.

  • It was the loudest shout of "handball" from a crowd I've heard in some months!

  • As said before the most blatant handball the whole crowd called it the decision was unexplainable

  • That lino was truly hopeless. Didn't even make a call on half the throw ins until the ref signalled.

  • On top of that, another lazy referee - ambling around the centre circle for most of the match. You can't give accurate decisions from 40 yards away no matter how good your judgement is. Linesman was a joke - may as well not have been there.

  • Mr Collins has possibly not recovered full match fitness since getting injured in our match against Bristol City in August and returning in early December. I did say in response to the Vital preview that I hoped he would be able to keep up with play. Sounds like he failed to do so.

  • To be fair to the ref, I didn't think he was that bad, and the handball should have been spotted by linesman who had a much better view

  • It's a thankless job and if nobody wanted to do it what would happen? They don't get replays and even the "experts" on Match Of The Day" need to watch over and over again to make out what happened.

  • wingnut , have you actually watched it ? there is no way any human being located where the linesman was could not have seen it and it was as black and white as it can ever be

  • Must admit I completely missed it too. But I at least had the defence of being sat high up in the Woodlands. And not 5 yards away!

  • I wasn't talking about that or any one particular incident but the general issue of how difficult the job is. If it were as easy as most players and managers think it is there would be a queue of former professionals wanting to take it up and the FA would have had a fast track system in place to get them qualified. As long as human beings are involved errors will occur In fact the players make far more in the course of a match than the hapless officials.

  • I don't know. Directly behind the incident, as I was in the terrace, and it was an obvious handball that got an instinctive reaction from all of us. But it would've been impossible for the referee to spot from behind the ball no matter how fit he was, and the linesman would have his view blocked by Weston. Overall I thought the ref was excellent, kept the game flowing, was tolerant of tough tackles but made his view on time wasting known to two sides with managers notorious for it.

  • I could see it from the upper tier clear as day and my eye sight is far from perfect so can only assume lino and ref had their eyes closed

  • @StrongestTeam said:
    If that is all true you'd have to wonder what use assesors and reports are.

    I have no reason to doubt the accuracy of the comment in the Vital Preview that Mr Collins had been out of action for 4 months following the injury he sustained on 9 August in our EFL Cup match against Bristol City. I made a quip in response to that information that I hoped he would have regained sufficient fitness to keep up with play. My remark in response to @Grawlix's comments were made in that context. I appreciate that not everyone has the time or inclination to read every post so the levity in my comments may not have been apparent. I guess that's why the seeming irrelevance of assessors' reports crept in.

  • Don't remember saying that @StrongestTeam !!

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