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  • I wonder if that last comment was made by roberto Martinez

  • Lol..felt robbed!
    Newport was poor..worse side at Adams park by a long shot at goal which was gift wrapped by us..

  • I can only imagine how bad Newport must have been in recent games if the guy behind that last comment honestly thought they deserved a point. But for an individual error on our part Newport could still be playing now and not have come close to scoring.

    The post about Brown 'dropping his cuppa' summed it up nicely.

    I can't blame their fans for being very concerned about their club, both on and off the pitch (and what a terrible pitch it is).

  • I assume you mean their pitch @BlueBoy !

  • 'Ponty10' is my kind of poster

  • was having a chat with one fella who'd driven down from Newport with his kids (that must have been and felt like a long journey home) and he was saying they ground share with two rugby clubs hence the destroyed pitch

  • I was also speaking to a couple of their fans and the big problem is that the Rugby club own the ground so Newport have to pay substatial rent and are always the poor relations in relation to use of the pitch etc.

    I really hope they get out of trouble as relegation would probably see them go out business.

  • @micra, absolutely! It's now so bad they're even calling off the rugby games.

  • 2 rugby clubs!! No wonder!

    Remember when people tried to argue that Wasps playing on our pitch made no difference to the surface?
    Despite us having won awards for our pitch in previous years?
    Probably the same people who think Booker was a great move, and that Wasps being at our ground had no negative impact on our club.

  • With the power of hindsight, what negative effects do you think Wasps playing at AP had on WWFC.

  • Newport were truly awful and paid the price for the time-wasting and subs they messed about with once they scored their (handed them on a plate) goal. We played some nice football I thought, without looking like scoring, while a number of us thought their keeper was often too far off his line. And then...

  • Feel sorry for County fans having to watch that every week - an absolute carbon copy of Stevenage under Westley bar any kind of cutting edge. It'd be tragic for the fans to have come so far since they started up again only to lose it all a second time.

  • @MindlessDrugHoover , it's funny, in the away game I didn't think they were anything like a Westley team, and even yesterday he hasn't quite got them up to speed.

    A couple of attempts to slow play down, and the classic "pre prganised" drinks break, but not the full level of dirtiness for 90 you'd expect.

    Still, he's probably not had the chance to get his type of players in just yet.

  • It was funny watching Westley and Ainsworth both complaining at different points of the match about each other's team and their gamesmanship. Here's a thought lads - give it up!

    That said, at least Ainsworth's teams try to play a bit when fully fit.

  • Newport looked a different team from their home match - was a much more even game. They looked devoid of interest or ideas in this one - came in hope rather than expectation...

  • Newport looked like a side struggling for confidence and attempting to fill the void with training ground drills especially when defending set pieces it's going to be a long season for the exiles

  • Thought it was hilarious when we had that free-kick on the right wing in virtually the last minute on Saturday. It was obvious that we were going to give the ball to the Beast to run into the corner with, but they were so busy faffing around building that ridiculous arms-linked wall in the penalty area that they almost didn't notice that there was only about one of our players in the box. One of them suddenly spotted what was happening and they all had to leg it to the edge of the box.

  • That was a great bit of pantomime @Fidget.

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