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Darlington return home

edited January 2017 in Football

Great little piece on Darlington's first game back in the town. Hopefully wont be long before they get back into the league. Always liked this trip over the years.


  • Does this mean there's now a big, soulless, empty stadium with nothing happening in it now?

  • Actually, I think I may be a little out of date on my Darlington knowledge. I seem to remember them moving to a big new sharky style arena that they didn't own a few years ago, did this happen or was it a dream?

  • M3GM3G
    edited January 2017

    They are sharing now at the rugby club. But they have the old Tin hat as it was affectionately known from There old ground and much missed Feethams behind the goal. A fan had it removed and kept it all these years. That's fantastic. That was before the big soulless stadium move. Not sure what will happen with that or who owns it now.

  • They have been playing at Bishop Auckland for a few years. Go and watch them 2/3 times a year with Darlington supporting mate. I was at Halifax yesterday watching them. The Shay looks impressive except the bit we were in

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