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Match day thread: Cheltenham



  • Great travelling support yesterday, the stand looked almost full half an hour before KO!

    Decent performance until the last 15 minutes when it turned pretty dire. 1-0 wasn't too hard on Cheltenham but we couldn't have complained if they had equalised late on.

    As someone who doesn't know many other Wycombe fans, I thoroughly enjoyed the Widmer End Ultras car share (aside from realising at the end of the trip that I'd spent my share of the petrol money on fish and chips, leading to some slightly embarrassed scrambling on my mobile banking). Thanks again @EwanHoosaami !

    On that note, I was wondering if we could have a stickied car pool thread at the top of the forum @drcongo?

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    Its all looking very good at the moment. 23 games played and 13 have been away only 10 at home. January is a great looking month to cement a place in the play off pack and look to be challenging those top three.

    Priorities for me this coming week are Pierre staying, I think the league run, the FAC run the current team spirit are all plus factors that will help. Extending the Gape and Blackman deals until the end of the season. Oh and of course 3 points on Monday!

  • @bill_stickers I was never worried about payment. I would have had the other half of my "firm " on the look out for you at Adams Park. Thanks for prompt payment anyway, (which I've taken your word for BTW), can't be arsed to check.
    As a footnote, seemed to work out very well. What it highlighted to me was how well everyone contributed to general conversation, mostly footie related, considering the age range, 12-58 years old and various in between. It also helps create a better "bond" with fans now that we have a face to the names on here. I would happily do it again, though as you may well be aware now I am quite a busy bloke and have to reserve a few away fixtures to earning a living. Stickies is a good idea for car sharing. As proven last night, there were 5 people who went last night that otherwise would not have gone. Reducing the cost of the travel would certainly encourage me to attend a few more away games.

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  • @fame_46 said:
    Would be keen on the car pool idea and I can always drive moving forwards, if EwanHoosaami is not available.

    A sticky carpooling thread is a great idea, though I'm a little worried about @fame_46's inability to reverse.

  • @fromtheside said:
    Not a pretty game but a great win all the same. Tough busy period where we've taken 7 points from 9.

    A few of the players do look like they could do with a rest though so I expect at least 2 changes on Monday.

    They're bound to look and feel jaded after two away trips, including a 450 mile round trip just 4 days earlier and the sacrifice of Christmas Day in order to travel to Plymouth for the overnight stay. On top of that, Bayo Akinfenwa has had an incredible amount of game time recently compared with his 20 minute cameo appearances at Wimbledon last season and Luke O'Nien has been suffering from a heavy cold all week.

  • Good idea on the car share..wasn't there some thing that was created before nationally..was looking for others yesterday from Aylesbury.

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    Agreed about the carpool. Thanks once again @EwanHoosaami

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    Yes @micra hence the need for a couple of changes on Monday. I would personally like to see Weston get a start if he's fit enough.

  • I would agree with that. I think Weston can do a good job for us, has had a lot of experience in the game

  • There are so many Wycombe fans based in Aylesbury that it surely would have been feasible to run a coach from there to Cheltenham? It's just a question of getting organised. The irony is that Motts depot is in Aylesbury! I remember us running about 6 coaches to Brentford years ago. I think 3 started from Adams Park but the others went from places like Amersham & Chesham, Thame, Hazlemere & Beaconsfield.

  • I was on your missenden coach to Millwall for that Sunday lunchtime game during the cup run Andy. We got battered that day and somehow came away with a 0-0 draw

  • @A_Worboys The trouble is there is no one who is prepared to organise it.

  • You can get on the coach from Aylesbury as many do also picks fans up at risborough

  • Busses to away games where there's demand for a bus leaving from Aylesbury or wherever can be something that is discussed at the next fans' council I would imagine, just the place for supporter-led initiatives like this.

  • It's a good idea. I know a few people from that area who would probably use occasionally.

  • I wonder which will come first - the meeting about the future of the club or the fans' council meeting.

  • As it happens, I have a psv licence and occasionally help out a local coach company when they are short of staff. I could volunteer my skills to take fans to an away match, (as strictly speaking I'm on a jolly), if the demand is there & enough notice given, it may help?

  • Jolly boys outing

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