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Scott Brown

After 10 years with Cheltenham, I expect Scott Brown would have relished the prospect of playing against them. There must be an outside possibility that he will get his chance this evening. The situation is similar to the one following the 4-2 defeat by Portsmouth when (if memory serves) Jamal Blackman was beaten by close range finishes (a la Kashket) on the deck. Against that, his 5" height advantage over Scott Brown can be vital at corners and crosses generally. With the possible loss of Jamal within the next few weeks, there could be a temptation to give Scott his chance.



  • Now we are in a play off position, why would you want to significantly weaken the side?

  • Why though? Its a league game. You must put out your strongest 11 and Blackman is No.1 at our club currently. I expect he will get a run out in the Nonsense cup at Blackpool

  • never in a million years will SB play this evening until Jamal is ill or injured.

  • Jamal returns to Chelsea on Tuesday.

  • Unless we can get it extended?

    And also I suppose it depends on whether we signed Brown always looking for a young Prem loanee as well, or were forced into it upon Brown's injury

  • Any tips for tonight's lottery, micra?

  • Blackman is injured

  • Ref struggling to tell red and white stripes and blue quarters apart. Worrying!

  • @DevC said:
    Any tips for tonight's lottery, micra?

    Yeah, save yer money!

  • Heard he had a brilliant game, GA said he kept us in it at the end there. Good on him for putting in such a shift after so long out! #signofquality

  • We still need another keeper though as we cannot rely on Richardson as back up till May.

  • 'Blackman is injured' sounds very ominous. Do any of us expect to see him play for Wycombe again?

  • He made one outstanding save low to his left, about 10 minutes from the end. He had nothing to do for 70 minutes but made a couple of other good stops late on too.

    It must be said that Cheltenham were woeful in front of goal and should have scored at least one; an open goal from 2 yards out right at the end.

  • Blimey that debate takes us back to August doesn't it.

    Firstly, I think we should hope that Blackman stays on as he's been generally excellent and will have a decent career above League Two.

    If not, I'd be happy to go go back to Plan A and go with the now fit again Scott Brown who is a capable goalkeeper at this level.

    With either of these scenarios I'm not sure we need to lumber ourselves with the expense of another keeper. If it's the former we've Brown and Barry as back up. If it's the latter we've got Barry on hand to finish a match if Scott gets injured or sent off and we can always get a keeper in on loan (as we now know to be the case) on an emergency basis if we we can't field Scott.

  • Interestingly strong rumours coming out of Cheltenham that they're about to re-sign Brown on loan, whilst we extend the loan of Blackmail. Link here:

  • Sorry - Blackman!

  • We can't get an emergency keeper whilst Richardson is registered if Brown got injured.

  • Yes we can and did when signing Cameron Dawson earlier in the season.

  • @Last_Quarter said:
    Interestingly strong rumours coming out of Cheltenham that they're about to re-sign Brown on loan, whilst we extend the loan of Blackmail. Link here:

    I can confirm that the talk in the Robins boardroom after the game was that Brown would sign for them on Monday (done deal).

  • Cameron Dawson was signed whilst the transfer window was still open, wasn't he?

    I believe the rule for bringing in a goalkeeper on an emergency loan is that you don't have one on the books who is both fit and played 5 senior games.

    That's all from memory though...

  • Well if Brown and Blackman are both off we have a slight problem.

  • I think it's safe to assume that the club wouldn't be letting Brown go unless they had either renewed the deal for Blackman, or had someone else lined up. Fingers crossed for the former - it'd be a huge coup.

  • That sounds a very good arrangement indeed. Blackman can finish what he's started this season without having to have a senior goalkeeper twiddling his thumbs (and costing us money) on the sidelines.

  • We can't get an emergency keeper outside the window so your taking a huge risk.

  • But surely we can get a 24 hour recall clause in Scott Brown's deal to Cheltenham?

  • Yes you can. The signing of Dawson was nothing to do with the window being open.

    If Blackman got injured we would be able to bring someone in on a short term basis as we wouldn't have a professional contracted goalkeeper.

    BR doesn't count as he's signed on a non-contract basis.

  • This seems to basically confirm Brown will return to Cheltenham:

  • That is not the real Cheltenham town twitter.

  • @mattlppl You're right. Still, 2016 was all about believing any old bullshit posted on Twitter, right?

  • Are we going back to a goalkeeper problem again?If so will we soon be going back to small squad with no money! excuses,Let's be prepared.

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