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We need to sign Akinfenwa up for another year

He was fantastic today. Just like he's been in most games. Much more than a battering ram. Other managers must be looking. We need to sign him up asap.


  • Not that iv seen him much in past seasons but he seems to be hitting his prime now he's displays are consistent when he plays

  • I seem to recall that last year, when he played against us, comments on his ability were not so generous. How things change.

  • They weren't very generous when he signed either. I've never understood pasting a new signing when, at best, you've seen them play twice a year. It's even worse when people go by reputation along (e.g. a certain angry poster calling Kashket 'a useless signing').

  • I had a right old moan about the Akinfenwa signing, though I'm happy to admit I clearly know less about football that Ainsworth does.

  • Likewise. My heart sunk a bit when the signing was announced. How wrong I was.

  • @eric_plant Do you still think he is a gimmick signing for the engagement figures? (I'm not asking you to be argumentative, genuinely curious)

  • I was a late convert. I assumed he'd be unfit and after one last pay cheque, I worried about us signing another old striker, I hated the publicity that surrounded him, making it look like we'd signed a bodybuilder rather than a footballer, I thought it a wholly unimaginative decision from a manager I worried was destined simply to make the same mistakes again. Very happy to admit I was entirely wrong though. Player of the season so far, without a shadow of a doubt. Only questionmark is whether Kashket can eclipse him by May!

  • dont post very often, just lurk ! lol

    i'll hold my hands up as well, wasnt impressed at the time, thought it was just a gimmick signing, but he's been superb. Im normally happy to take a punt on younger players, but weary of older, possibly has been players. Glad i was wrong on this occasion

  • @bill_stickers no, he's been absolutely brilliant. I thought it was a poor signing and I'm delighted I was wrong. I did always say what a likeable bloke he was though.

    All that said, the "twitter engagement figures" and all that "was it a dream" and "that's the Akinfenwa effect" nonsense on the club's social media remains one of the cringiest things the club has ever been involved in

  • At the time I thought he was a worthwhile signing to have on the bench particularly if we were going to continue with the hoof it style. However the Beast has considerably exceeded my expectations in being able to hold the ball up, play accurate flick ons and generally lead the line with skill. What amazes me is how popular he seems to be with most away supporters.

    Despite his age, I would certainly try and sign him for another year. Clearly he is helping Kashket become a goal machine and thereby possibly significantly increasing Kashkets value in the transfer market.

  • I think @drcongo hits the nail on the head here. We all know a great deal less about football than GA don't we?

  • Ironically he improves our style of play by bringing in creative players rather than being a pure route one option.
    Puzzles me why other managers can't nullify him better. When Murphy and Pierre did a job on him a couple of seasons ago he was anonymous

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub , it's impossible to completely nullify him, he'll always get his flick ons and have the ball at times. But that day with Murphy and Pierre we did a pretty good job. A lot of the time by hitting the deck at any tiny touch!

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