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Premiership managers moan about festive schedule.

According to The Torygraph, Messrs Mourinho & Wenger are having a right royal moan about Chelsea playing 3 games in the festive period over 10 days whereas others have to play 3 within 8 days or, as in Liverpool's case, 3 within 7 days. Given that the fixture list is designed with TV in mind and that Arsenal and Man U are huge beneficiaries I have no sympathy whatsoever.


  • A good post, but I suspect the least controversial ever posted on the gasroom. Prove me wrong, controversialists for the sake of controversy!

  • I remember we were stitched up one year, when we faced a Stockport(?) team fresh from cunningly bringing their game forward a day whereas we were playing our 2nd in 3 days.That was probably Easter in fairness.

    Can't stand Wenger, but he does have a couple of points this year.
    Firstly, they'd played 3 league games in 8 days, and then they have a full 8 days break, because of Christmas Eve traditionally not having a fixture even if it's a Saturday (which surely would have been the sensible option this year, with players having Christmas day off!), and then some teams then have a full week off again. Then there's 2 games in 3 days. It seems mad scheduling.

  • By 2 January we will have played 4 games in 17 days which is not too bad but we seem to have drawn an extremely short straw with our 450 mile round trip to Plymouth which is obviously not easy for fans and necessitates an expensive overnight stay for management and players. I haven't checked League1 and above but our trip is the longest by a huge margin in League 2.

  • That's the problem with Plymouth @micra . On the magic league computer we probably come out as one of the closer games, due to their insistence on putting us in the SW pot.

    truly awful boxing day game in some ways, but for the likes of us who prefer not to go to a game at this time of year, a perfect excuse not to!

  • We could have played our reverse fixture against Yeovil which would have enabled Plymouth to play Exeter.

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