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Ainsworth on Pierre



  • Sadly, it is the plight of the lower league/selling club manager.

  • Is it just me but it feels like he's drumming up interest to set up a bidding war?

  • Just realised Pierre turns 24 in Feb so no compensation due in the summer.

  • If it was 50k now, or nothing in the summer, id be inclined to keep him and hope his performance isn't affected. As with him we have an excellent defence.

  • I 100% expect him to leave in January and am just enjoying his performances for us before he does. He's clearly worth a 6 figure sum, but with his contract up anything over 50k would have to be seriously considered. Even though we'd get less up front, we could at least secure a sell on clause which won't be an option if he walks out on a free down the line...

  • Why would the buying club give us a sell on clause?

  • Wouldn't be surprised if Brentford have one on him now

  • Have to agree he is opening the shop window a bit. We have 2 competent replacements in the squad so if the figure is good enough he goes with our best wishes.
    Personally I feel Stewart is his equal.

  • @eric_plant , because clubs are all about the now, and if it helps get him now, rather than wait 6months, then why not? In 6months, who is to say interest won't have increased dramatically.

    Mawson was in our hands until that Luton goal. After that we were never keeping him. Any potential buying club with Pierre might face that same worry if they let it go for 6months.

  • @TheAndyGrahamFanClub , Stewart has been pretty good since the nickname "Slippy Stewart" seemed very apt early on after his return. However, I don't agree at all he's as good as Pierre.

    And I'm incredulous that you think you can already label Muller in the "competent" category, after about 60mins for us by mid December!
    De Havilland I would label in the "adequate" category, which after a few years of terrific centre backs would be a right step down.

  • Danny Rowe can play centre back remember i feel its his time to shine if pierre goes.

  • he's fallen back out of the mix again, has young Danny.

    Very useful versatile player, but I struggle to see him nailing a position for the near future.

  • Never seems to be physically tough enough or mentally aware to be a central defender in my opinion. And we have better midfielders than Rowe already at the club. Very much a bit part, squad player at present.

  • edited December 2016

    Is Dominic Gape really that much better than Danny Rowe? I've yet to be particularly impressed with Gape. I'd far prefer our own player to be allowed to develop a partnership with O'Nien rather than destabalise him and rot his confidence. Rowe is a smart player who can both put in a tackle and distribute well - he can also make runs forward into the box (similar to Peter Murphy) as he displayed against Millwall. I think we're making a mistake by not playing him. I hope we are not placing maintaining our relationship with Southampton ahead of developing our own player.

  • Gape has been brilliant. Bags of energy, not afraid of a tackle and adds some extra quality.

  • Gape has been great every time I've seen him. Not quite as good as McCarthy, but some way better than Rowe (who I'm also a fan of).

  • Big fan of Gape. Streets ahead of Rowe for me.

  • IMO it's somewhat insulting to Dominic Gape to suggest that he is only being selected in the interests of "maintaining our relationship with Southampton". He seems a very good player who puts in consistent, mature, professional performances that have made a significant contribution to our recent winning streak.

  • @chris, how can you compare a centreback/right back with a centre mid out of interest?

    Rowe is a bit limited, but there's room for him if he's in good form. Bloomers is seen by most as limited after all, and he's been a regular for a good run now.

    The squad is ticking over well now, anyone not in the team knows they'll have to really take their chance to stay in.
    Anyone in, knows they'll have to maintain standards to stay in,

  • Will be intresting to see how Ainsworth rotates the squad during the busy xmas period. Theres a few who need game time I supose thats been the one good thing about that crappy trophy. Maybe Brown and Freeman will be back also not sure how they have done during there loan spells.

  • Not really a busy period this Christmas, as including the Leyton Orient match tmw, its 4 games in 17 days.

  • @malone who was better, Jason Cousins or Stewart Green? Or Jason Cousins or Steven Gerrard?

  • As a right back Jason C was better than Stewart Green. But as a midfielder, wouldn't have been. I still remember Smith's mad experiment putting him in centre mid. Even Smith realised that wasn't a long termer!

    Not quite the same situation withh Gerrard, as he'd have been a better right back too, having made his early appearances for Liverpool there.

  • Firstly in our current financial position we have to rely to a great extent on loan signings. If we don't play the likes of Gape and Blackman it is unlikely their clubs will loan us players in future.

    Secondly Gareth needs to play the best side available for each match. Gape is by far a more talented player than Rowe, the latter really only being a utility player albeit a useful one to bring in the event of injuries/suspensions.

  • Ainsworth on Pierre is now Cousins v Gerrard. I don't believe what I'm reading on either topic to be honest.

  • My point is Stephen Gerrard was a better player than Jason Cousins who was in turn a better player than Stewie Green. No need to bring positions in to it. Messi is better player than Blackman, even if Blackman is a better goalkeeper.

    It's perfectly reasonable to compare the overall quality of players who play in different positions; and in fact I doubt there are many football fans who don't do it.

  • I think that Danny Rowe is a far better player than is being made out on here. His performance at Fratton Park last April was awesome and showed that he's got potential to be a Michael Carrick style centre mid. He's still very young and i for one hope that he gets an oppurtunity to stake a regular claim. His problem has been staying fit for a run of games and additionally the arrival of Gape has not strengthend his case. That said how refreshing to be talking about such strength in deep in a Wanderers squad,it's been a long time.

  • edited December 2016

    @Chris , You strangely brought McCarthy into a comparison with Gape, simply due to parent club. What has McCarthy got to do with Gape's performances for us?

  • Injuries are Danny Rowe's problem at the moment. He has plenty of talent but needs to get a run of games in.

  • On the bright side...if Pierre goes the moaners can return to explain that the club is going down the toilet, what is Howard doing?, Ainsworth can't hang onto a player, we'll regret this, We're doomed now smell the coffee, etc etc etc. Tis an ill wind that blows nobody any good...

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