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red card appeal

The Notts appeal against the Red Card issued on Saturday has been successful.


  • oops I was given this info but I cannot confirm. It might have referred to the appeal last October

  • You can't appeal two yellows so someone was telling you porkies.

  • Akinfenwa dismissal cannot be appealed.
    Notts player, O'connor was straight red and could be. As of now, FA website still shows him banned for three.

  • @bill_stickers , how did you misintepret that post? Clearly he meant the Notts County player.

    Who isn't getting off that scandalous challenge in a million years.

  • Now confirmed on NCFC website - appeal rejected.

  • That means an extra game ban doesn't it? I think it's called a frivolous appeal which is why they tack on an extra one to make clubs and players really think before they put an appeal in.

  • @Malone I wrongly read it as "The Notts Appeal" as in "The Wycombe appeal regarding their game vs Notts".

  • Fair does @bill_stickers .

    @EwanHoosaami , am sure that "frivolous" thing was more when teams would purposely appeal anything just to postpone a ban so that the player could play a certain game.
    Now decisions come before the next game, i'm not sure there's such a concept anymore.

    But if there were, it'd be a certainty, it was a damn awful challenge.

  • I don't really know what they thought they would achieve by appealing.

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