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Dave Farrell (Ex Player) - do you remember his nickname?

Does anyone remember this player ? Was his nickname "Twinkle" ?


  • 'Tinkerbell'?

  • "Dancing Dave Farrell"? At least that's the name that's popping up in my head, I am old though!

  • possibly... although I'm sure he was Twinkle... as in Twinkletoes !

  • Something to do with his coloured boots, a while before such things were commonplace?

  • I got the impression he thought he should have been more appreciated, coming from Villa to a two bob club like Wycombe. The problem was that he wasn't Dave Carroll and he wasn't Steve Guppy. He did have his moments though...scoring straight from a corner when we demolished the PNL's at their old dump.

  • Amazing we were spending £100k on his transfer fee over 20 years ago!

  • I seem to remember that Twinkle was one of Paul Birdseye's nicknames. That is probably lost in the mists of history now, but at the time Dave Farrell was with us it would have been sufficiently recent to discourage re-use.

  • Who used to be called Daphne? Was it Simon Hutchinson?

  • I remember those stupid pink boots of his. Another of Sm*ths pointless signings (Rowbotham, Foran etc). Mickey Bell was just as good as him.

  • Ah Farrell. I remember someone describing him as the biggest wet weekend ever. Apt I thought.
    Scored a couple of decent goals, but that hollow face and so many poor displays under an appalling manager doesn't linger long in the memory.

    Typically, when he left he started playing well elsewhere!

  • Just found this in the COTN archive. One of COTN's pen pictures of players in the mid 'nineties written as an alternative to the dry, uninteresting stuff found in most opposition matchday programmes.

    " 'Faz' is a skinny left winger [don't understand the Mickey Bell comparison @TwinBrother ] we got from Aston Villa. He has good pace and control and when he runs at defences it really excites the crowd but sometimes lets himself down with some indifferent crossing and a lack of cool in front of goal. He needs to eat a few more pies and build up some strength, and sorry Dave but those red boots make you look a right Gareth."

  • Mickey Bell was originally signed as a replacement for Steve Guppy, left winger. Was eventually moved to wing back (although I thought he was only good there because of covering for Mick 'Bruce' Forsyth).

  • Micky Nuttell often referred to as 'Mary'.

  • I do remember a game at Preston under John Gregory when the away support was behind the dugouts while Deepdale was being redeveloped and JG told substitiute "twinkletoes" Dave Farrell to warm up.

  • According to my other half at Boston around 2006, when we played them and he was playing for them, when his name was announced, she said, "Isn't that Jesus?".

  • Mickey Bell.

    Not that good a winger, not that good a defender, but an excellent wing back. And was such a key player for us, that his departure in pre season of 97 (was it?) felt like a massive blow. Especially for such a paltry fee of 150k.

    Made even more insulting when Bristol City (same division at the time), went on to sell their left back Barnard for 750k!

    6 times better a player? No chance.

    Bell of course, played the "ambition" card, yet spent a minimum time in a higher division, spending a lot of time in our same division. But as he was probably paid 4 or 5 times the amount, no doubt loved the move.

    Not bitter still. Honest!

  • Has any other player's departure left such a bitter taste in the collective mouth as Bell's?

  • Noel Ashfords did, but wasn't Ashfords fault.

  • This might surprise a few people :)

    (apologies for some hideous scenes in there)

  • edited December 2016

    @MindlessDrugHoover, maybe it's because I was so much younger, or we were so used to a string of super loyal players in the years before that, but i can't think of any,

    Even Stewart disgracefully messing us around didn't feel anywhere near the same, or any number of players gone for less than they should have.
    Perhaps only the Devine end was as big a shame, but completely different reasoning.

    I still chuckle at the idea that we "wouldn't even have noticed" the sale if he hadn't scored 2 the weekend before. One of Sanchez's "near the end, meltdown" specials.

  • @ChasHarps said:
    Micky Nuttell often referred to as 'Mary'.

    Enlightening interjection Chas.

  • @TwinBrother said:
    Mickey Bell was originally signed as a replacement for Steve Guppy, left winger. Was eventually moved to wing back (although I thought he was only good there because of covering for Mick 'Bruce' Forsyth).

    Right back, as I recall. who liked to bomb forward.

  • I have a vague recollection of (possibly) Jason Cousins hoofing the ball as hard as he could and hitting Mickey Bell full in the face knocking him out, (possibly) at Brighton.

  • To be honest, I can barely remember what I did yesterday.

  • If youngsters like you forget things, what chance do old b*****s like me have!

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