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  • Sorry...'if we win tonight'. If I'm reading it right it's £20k. Plus a few quid gate receipts.

  • Gate receipts will be minimal

  • I've decided, despite despising this new competition format and everything it stands for, that I am going to pop down to the game tonight.

    It's like morbid interest in a train wreck. I've been told how bad it is, but as I'm just round the corner, I'm going to pop over and take a look for myself.

  • I've boycotted every game so far (from the moral high ground in, ahem, Scotland)... but I'll be jumping on the bandwagon if we get a sniff of Wembley!

  • Roll on Saturday

  • The competition is awful.

    I wish we hadn't entered.
    I wish we'd been knocked out.
    I wish we didn't have this extra game.

    But winning's a habit isn't it?

  • Don't have the problem with this cup that others have, but Millwall is a horrible location, and the OWWSA nor running a coach doesn't help.

    However, get through and get a home game or a decent away and i'd come back.

    The win bv West Ham kids was probably the most entertaining game i've ever seen in the various versions of the cup
    (Missed out on our run to the semis in our first season)

  • I understand that OWWSA could not run a coach as no interest was shown by anyone to travel on a supporters' coach for this match.

  • Hopefully just the issue of this cup rather than a growing lack of interest.

    I note the Newport game had a smaller coach than normal.

  • Newport away on a Tuesday and Milwall in a Joel cup I hardly the best way of judging that is it? 23 just took nearly 500 to Chesterfield after all.

  • probably fair comment there @floyd

  • amazed you could make sense of it thru the blizzard of typos!

  • strangely it made perfect sense on the first read!

  • Is it me or do you get nothing for winning the Semi?

  • @niebieski , it's just the wording.

    In effect you get 50k for winning the semi, and then the winner gets another 50k on top.
    They've just described it as runner up 50k, winner 100k.

    When you break it down like I write the first line, it seems a fairly poor winning fee. When you get 40k for winning round 3, you're only getting 10k more for winning the final in effect (having received 50k for winning the semi basically)

  • It's you... Tonight, £40k for winning (Blackpool - nothing). If we win the quarters, £50k, but if we lose, nothing. If we win the semi, £50k (if we lose - nothing). If we win the final, £50k (if we lose, nothing). It's just the way they set it out, it kind of gives a prize for runner-up and a bigger prize for winning, but it amounts to the same thing.

  • If you win in the semi then you're in the final. Winner get 100k runner up 50k. It could also be worded as each winning semi finalist gets 50k and then winning finalist gets another 50k.
    It took me a while to figure it out too.

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