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Gissa poem oily


  • 1st round only isn't it?

  • So Oily's done a runner
    His poetry all spent
    Thank [email protected]*k we have a striker
    Whose name is Scott Kashket

  • Scott Kashkent from Orient is
    Chesterfield stewards all in a tiss

    Congas forming
    Wem berley dawning
    What a wonder the FA Cup is

    Whoooa Wycombe Wanderers
    Wanderers right
    Keeping up the honest fight
    Wembley leading, still proceeding
    Let us all celebrate tonight

  • Nice one @StrongestTeam. Sung to the tune of "We three kings" I assume.

  • Wycombe roasting those from the crooked spire
    O'nien nipping at their toes
    Yule tide songs being sung by a choir
    Of chairboys dressed up like Eskimos

    Everybody knows that Blackman and Aaron Pierre
    Help to make the season bright
    Chairboys fans with their eyes all aglow
    Found it hard to sleep tonight

    They know that Scotties on his way
    Scoring goals and assists every day
    And every chairboys child is gonna spy
    To see if bayo really knows how to fly

    And so I'm offering this simple phrase
    To clubs from one to ninety two
    You'll never beat a team with Matt B and Paul Hayes
    But merry Christmas to you

  • Nice one Dev! Merry Christmas!

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