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Barnet bid 250k for Bogle

Daily Fail is reporting that Barnet have bid quarter of a mil for the Grimsby striker:

It certainly raises a lot of questions:

a) Is there any truth to this considering the source?

b) How on earth do Barnet have that kind of money? I know they make a lot from the conferencing facilities in the Hive to make up the shortfall in attendances but that's a colossal fee for a small League 2 club in this day and age.

c) Is he worth that much?


  • I can answer a) yes, the daily mail is usually a reliable source.

  • Especially as their source in turn is likely to be Bogle's agent.

  • Only 250k? A club of Barnet's size probably wouldn't even waste time making such a paltry bid!
    With their 900 or so fans, they must be shimmering in gold.

  • Might be that someone has lined up a move for Akinde, and Bogle is seen as his replacement.

  • That ma> @NewburyWanderer said:

    Might be that someone has lined up a move for Akinde, and Bogle is seen as his replacement.

    That makes sense.

  • And I heard somewhere that the "parachute" payment for clubs relegated to the National League is substantial.

  • Forget that last comment. Confusing Barnet with Dagenham & Redbridge - easy mistake ?!

  • Forget the Akinde speculation too. Another story says they want to pair 16 goal Bogle with 15 goal Akinde.

  • Perhaps they have a new wealthy benefactor behind the scenes?

  • Or just taking a big gamble financially thet the signing of another quality striker would guarantee promotion.

  • Its amazing to me that we have paid that sum or there and there about on several players down the years.

  • Think we paid £200k for Sean Devine in 1999?

  • And we are suffering the consequences for some of that spending now!

  • @ryski I would begrudge that one, the money we paid for John Williams still grates.

  • @ryski It's sometimes difficult to judge whether a team gets value for what they pay for a player, but without the signing of Devine I feel pretty sure that Wycombe would have got relegated in '99. His 23 league goals the following season were very helpful as well.
    Big shame he missed the 2000/01 season, as a partnership between a fit Devine and Andy Rammell could have seen us get more from that season than even the FA Cup semi-final that we did get to.

  • We paid less for Devine than Reading paid us for Keith Scott. Say what you want about our spending over the years but that was the deal of the century

  • Even Williams did the odd good thing

    How much did Sm*th pay for Rowbotham and McGorry? Two of the worst players to ever grace the Wycombe shirt

  • Dave Farrell cost a bit didn't he?

  • Yes! Another Sm*th howler. Albeit he did score from a corner away at the Manor Ground

  • oh Smith.
    "Genuinely thought I was doing well" he said. As he took a team that had finished 6th to tedious midtable obscurity with awful football. Having individually weeded out fans favourites for no reason, and replaced them with costly, but lesser players.

  • edited November 2016

    Only about 10 at the time but Sean Devine seemed worth the money? Was a class act. (Edited for content)

  • edited November 2016

    I'm pretty sure devine was £250,000 and currie was £200,000......when devine was out for what seemed an age with a knee injury I was told something libellous


  • That rumour has long been floated around @bigred87. Never quite from someone at that level of profile though.
    It was such an unaccounted for injury. By memory, he left the season fully fit, then mysteriously suddenly had a really bad injury.

    Normally the mere mention of that rumour has forum owners quickly looking for the delete key.

  • Apologies Mr Gasman. Genuinely didn't realise you couldn't mention that.

  • Martin Allen is about to be appointed manager of Eastleigh so sure this Bogle rumour is nonsense. How many times has Allen quit Barnet now?!

  • @bill_stickers said:
    Perhaps they have a new wealthy benefactor behind the scenes?


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