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Fans banned from matches

Ref Cambridge fan . How can it be possible to implement a ban.


  • I would assume the club take the person's name, address and picture, circulate the details to all ticket and steward staff, and block them from using the club website to purchase tickets?

    Not rocket science, and there will always be ways around it for the committed.

  • As above really. Of course, the guy could turn up in a disguise and buy on the day, or get a pal to buy for him, but i'd imagine the absolute shame of being banned for such a disgraceful act should mean he wouldn't dare go near the ground!

    He's pretty lucky word doesn't find its way to his employer (if he has one), and result in a dismissal.

  • What was the disgraceful act @Malone ?

  • I think that if they are banned and still attend then they would be trespassing and would therefore be committing a criminal offence - which may be enough to discourage them.

    I'm fairly sure I've heard that's how it works in chains of shops, where charges are often not pressed in the first case of shoplifting, but instead the shoplifter is banned from the whole chain. If they are caught a second time they can then be charged with a more serious offence of burglary rather than theft.

  • Only ever heard a couple of unsavoury remarks like this in 20 years of game going.

    One was an old boy about 15 years ago going mad when Brownie got booked again, strangely using the "p" word!
    And the other was at a horrible atmosphere at Luton this year, when one of "the mob" decided to give his opinion on the racial makeup of Luton. A steward literally shoved him hard and shut him up. I think he was too shame faced to try it again.

    I had the misfortune of being 1 row away from a lot of our most abusive fans at Luton, and one of them was just sheer abuse for 90mins. The next away game he got kicked out, and is on a year's home ban now, and amazingly thinks he's been hard done by!

  • I honestly didn't think that racist abuse, (in loud oral terms), existed in the top 4 divisions. I genuinely don't understand it. Some of the nicest guys in my phone book of friends look as if they would kill you. Got to know them, (after I had got over the initial shock of the size of them), and it turns out that they all work in government agencies, one a male nurse, another looking after abused and under privelaged kids, another for Trading Standards and all are regular church attendees that are in the Gospel choir. They sound amazing as well. I can only think that those that hurl racist abuse are seriously short of any reasonable form of education!

  • That's one of the weirdest posts I've ever read

  • Watched the Whites vs Blacks documentary on BBC4 the other night, which was excellent - a reminder as much as anything of just how far we've come from the days of massed monkey noises, bananas etc. Can't ever be complacent though, and every racist chant or insult has to be stamped down on, perpetrators isolated and made to look like the idiots they are. In almost 40 years now following Wycombe I could count the number of racist remarks I've heard from Blues fans on the fingers of one hand, and always isolated individuals. Here's a link to the doc if anyone wants to watch - some great vintage footage of one-time Wycombe star Cyril Regis in his West Brom prime among many others.

  • On the subject of our idiotic fans, it seems to have gone quiet in recent weeks. Have they grown up a bit?

  • Maybe they've been banned or stopped having anything to moan about?

  • We have some pretty idiotic fans, but even they'd be hard pressed to moan at our November results!

  • Since a particularly unpleasant afternoon sat one row in front of a few idiots at Doncaster, things seem to have settled down a bit, with much better atmospheres at Pompey and Cambridge. Probably our improved results have helped. Or maybe I was just unlucky to be sitting where I was that day.

  • That one who sings "We go every week"

  • "We create the atmosphere"

  • We do go every week and we do create the atmosphere :)

  • Farting in a lift creates an atmosphere.

  • My New Year's resolution will be to get to know some of the scary looking people in my phone book

  • "sing up gasroom", followed by 5mins of aggresisve scowling at noone in particular in front of them. Not realising some in their own throng post on here!

  • @seeyouatHartlepool said:
    We do go every week and we do create the atmosphere :)

    Certainly create a scent, I'll give you that. Nylon shirts and infrequent bathing are not a good mix.

  • Fans should be banned from matches at all times imho. That's how forest fires start

  • There will be huge Gasroom numbers at Hartlepool

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