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The magic of Luke O'Nien

It's not just the pinpoint assists, the spaniel-like enthusiasm and the training ground trickery that Luke brings... it's also points. With him in the team this season we've picked up 13 of a possible 18 points (and that includes the season opener which we lost after he went off in the 63rd min). Without him in the team it's 15 of possible 39 points. For Xmas, all I want is a fit O'Nien for the new year (and a contract extension for Kashket...)


  • I'd love to see the 500 Club money used to offer a new contract to Kashket and get Paris back in full-time from Millwall.

  • As one of those who paid £150 i agree with you MDH.

  • Hopefully the recent form will get a few more to sign up too. We were saying yesterday it would be great if the money was used to get PCH back on a permanent basis.

  • The present winning run is potentially counterproductive for the 500 Club in the sense that people may think the need for new signings is no longer apparent but what good points have been made above in terms of being able to offer good contracts to Scott Kashket and, if Millwall. are prepared to release him, PCH. Might be wise to rest PCH for the Millwall game in case he makes to good an impression!

  • ....too good an impression.

  • I assume he wouldn't be allowed to play against his parent club anyway. Mind you, that reminds me when we loaned out Matt Richards (what do you mean you don't remember?) to Notts County and he set up their winner against us on the final day of the 08/09 season, almost costing us promotion.

  • I've literally never heard of Matt Richards

  • Who is/was Matt Richards?

  • Snap !!

  • @Jonny_King: completely overlooked the parent club situation with PCH. Would be disinclined to play him even if they gave us the go-ahead. It might prove to be the performance that tips the balance if they have been weighing up the pros and cons.
    Trickier issue than I thought.

  • I thought my knowledge is good, but who is Matt Richards?

  • This is all I could find, but it mentions the Wycombe game.,_born_1989)

  • Quite a career! No wonder we've not heard of him, even if he did come back to haunt us in his solitary FL appearance.

  • That is bizarre. Would've thought that would've stuck out, or I'd at least remember us signing him etc.
    Career seemed to go downhill since that day....

  • I only remember him (and even then I thought his name was Marc Richards) was because I was so livid with Peter Taylor for allowing him to play against us in such an important game.

  • One of the weirdest games ever, that one. How flat it felt to be promoted in such a fashion...

  • that is scary knowledge, I usually remember at least the names of the barely-playeds (Derek Duncan anyone) but had completely forgotten that one.

  • Derek Duncan personally delivered my season ticket to my house one year, when the club tried out having players deliver STs as a marketing ploy to make fans feel close to the team.

  • Derek Duncan. That's a name that slightly brings a memory, but i can't for the life of me remember anything about him, despite barely missing a home game in 20years

  • Talk about the magic of Luke O'Nien, how on earth does he manage to moonlight on "Strictly" with Claudia Fragapane? (Her mother is Marzipan, I think.)

  • @Malone A quick look online shows Duncan never played for us in the league or indeed ever started a game for us. Just 3 sub appearances in cup games, despite signing on a two year deal!

  • @Jonny_King , sounds a horrible signing. I suppose we can't feel too hard done by at some of the garbage we've signed, as we have been blessed with some sensational players over the last 20 years.

  • @Malone I think he may have been signed by Taylor in the summer when the takeover by Hayes messed up his transfer plans so he ended up getting a load of dross in. But yes, I can stomach the odd Derek Duncan in return for seeing some of the great players we've witnessed in a blue quartered shirt.

  • As always, COTN has the answers:

    Actually a Paul Lambert signing (no, can't pretend I remembered that). I was actually at the Swansea game mentioned (we got thoroughly outclassed as I recall) but that may have been the only time I actually saw him play.

  • Poor old Luke seems to have been completely forgotten !

  • @PBo COTN does indeed usually have the answers. I notice a small error in the COTN page though: the Grant Holt show - 5 goals and 1 assist in the 0 - 7 Shrewsbury match - actually occurred in October 2008, not 2007.

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