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  • Thanks guys, always a pleasure to read your views on the game. Still no one ab8ve an eeight, eh? Room for improvement then!

  • Thanks Vital. I always look forward to the reports, whether I have seen the game or not. I always learn something whether I was there or not.
    I think spot on with the comment about confidence. It seemed to grow during the game.
    Although Luke O'Nien often seems to finish with more energy than he starts with, Scott Kashket and Michael Harriman in particular both looked to have more faith in their undoubted abilities at the end and the whole team gains.
    Looking forward to the Vital prediction for the Notts County game.

  • Bayo climbed all over as usual and never getting a foul, but has a great touch. I thought it was the most attacking performance I've seen at AP this season. Harriman and Kashket really frightened their back four. Great stuff. From relegation fodder to play-offs in three or four bruddy hell.

  • I wonder whether Harriman's dramatically better performance was due to having Kashket in front of him rather than PCH? It was the best I've seen him play this season.

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