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Smelling the coffee of mediocrity

It's not exactly beautiful but we are grinding away and getting points in a tight League and Chesterfield are struggling which increases the chance of another Cup run. Things are looking up as we go into Christmas. Optimistic anyone?


  • I think it enforces the view that when push comes to shove lots will put up with any old rubbish as long as we win. I'm optimistic based on this.

  • I'm with you @Right_in_the_Middle that often is the lot of the football fan. Winning is what it's all about. Sometimes having to wince at the 'style' while we do it is part of the deal.

  • @Right_in_the_Middle said:
    I think it enforces the view that when push comes to shove lots will put up with any old rubbish as long as we win. I'm optimistic based on this.

    It may reinforce the view of those that hold it but I don't think it can enforce that view on those that are not prepared to put up with "any old rubbish". I think there were times earlier this season (and towards the end of last season) when "rubbish" was a fair description of the style of play but I think there have been periods of play in most games this season (including the two where we conceded four goals) which have been pleasing on the eye and I think that with the increased confidence that comes with winning games (and with key players coming back from injury) we can look forward to less of the "grinding out" which we have necessarily had to resort to to get back on track.

  • No doubt @micra no-one goes to the footy hoping to have to watch any sort of grinding, but winning at a grind is sometimes what is required. I think we have some decent footballers and there have been periods where football has broken out during some home games. I've been optimistic that we would get through this rough few of the teams I have seen at AP have been that great and in some cases we have been unlucky. Watching your team struggle is hard going, but I suspect you are right another couple of wins and we'll take a lot of confidence going into the festive period and beyond.

  • Yesterday probably isn't the game to moan after. I think we have reason to be very pleased with getting out of there with a win. Crap pitch, Newport on the up, and that's 3 league wins in a row, 4 with the Portsmouth win!

    I wonder if those Chesterfield fans feel as confident now, seeing us in 8th rather than 22nd or whatever we were when it was drawn.

  • Our last 5 league games of 2016 (taking us to the halfway point of the season) are Hartelpool (H), Notts County (A), Orient (H), Plymouth (A) and Cheltenham (A).
    With the exception of Plymouth they don't look a bad set of fixtures.
    Also worth noting is that we've already played 4 of the slightly runaway Top 5 away from home (Carlisle, Doncaster, Luton & Portsmouth), with Plymouth to come on Boxing Day.

  • Also worth noting that Plymouth have just lost their last two home games 0-3 and 0-2 to Grimsby and Barnet, respectively.

  • Another "also worth noting" is that we have a good record at Plymouth.
    And Ainsworth has a real grudge against their manager, so will have us right bang up for it, even by our standards.

    But clifty's point on getting the tough aways out the way early can be a real plus

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