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WW Fans Forum and Trust Share Scheme Launch

These meetings tonight are open to all fans, not just Trust members, so we hope to see lots of you there.
Vere Suite opens at 5.30pm with Fans Forum with GA and AH starting at 6.30pm.
Ale festival continues!

More details at


  • Wish I could attend but I'll be investing in the club from here. Hope many more will do the same and that the share scheme will be a resounding success! GL tonight

  • Sorry wont be able to attend this evening, early to work tomorrow...good luck for tonight and lets hope it's a success...

  • How did it go.

  • Very well. Much greater sense of direction and unity than was the case a year ago.
    No stupid questions. The only two questions which were controversial concerned plans to capitalise on income opportunities (essential of course) by block booking of D Block in the main stand and also to use a third of the Woodland Lounge for hospitality. Both these proposals would entail an element of displacement but, as Andrew Howard said, you cannot please everyone. He could well prove to be the best Chairman at the Club in my 47 years following the Wanderers. He knows what is required and is fully focussed on his objectives. As revealed last night, he has also been very generous. And I believe him when he says he has no intention of taking over ownership.

    I imagine I am not alone in having been inspired to give as generously as I can via the Community Share Scheme.

  • I agree with that, @micra, particularly about Andrew Howard; he's an impressive man and passionate about what he's doing. Very professional about the necessary distinction between the fans as owners/helpers and him and his staff as professional managers of a football club. I can't claim to have your 47 years of history with the club but on his public performance to date I do think he's a really valuable guy to have in the role. He also appears to respect the traditions and heritage of the club and the role of the trust board in protecting them.

    FWIW I think Trevor presented well too.

  • He did indeed. Got it - For what it's worth. Took me a few minutes to work that out! Took me much longer when I came new to computery and forums a couple of years ago to suss out what IMHO meant. Not a phrase I would use myself. But I would defiantly (sic) use DOFL.

  • @micra @Wig_and_Pen was there much said about fans being more involved in helping the club out?

  • The subject was broached and efforts made by all the existing volunteers was acknowledged. Andrew Howard commented on the wide range of skills available within the fan base and one individual (David Smith) was singled out as having provided a great deal of invaluable legal advice.

  • Whoops - "....efforts were acknowledged."

  • @peterparrotface This article mentions a new group named Wycombe PALS has been set up for that purpose. Hopefully the Trust will email out details about that soon so people know how to sign up.

  • A useful article. Shame the BFP weren't able to provide a photo of Gareth Ainsworth and Andrew Howard more recent than November last year and I winced that a professional (?) journalist could spell 'discretion' 'disgression'! (Ante-penultimate paragraph.)

  • Andrew Howard is the best thing to happen too Wanderers for years. The uprise in fortunes on and off the pitch is greatly down to his knowledge and input!

  • @Fidget thanks for that, sounds encouraging

  • That claim is impossible to evidence. I'd be inclined to give more credit to Ainsworth, but again that's just my opinion. It could just be down to chance.

  • Did you go to the Trust meeting. If so you would know what i am talking about. Also not taking anything away from Gareth. But he and Howard back each other up.

  • @Chickenhead I should hope they do back each other up! Its early days to be making such claims about Howard. But so far so good.

  • A few people mentioned it would be useful to have a "dummy's guide" to what WW Trust does - we've had a go and hopefully this link will help :

    A very promising start to the share scheme, but with plenty more work still to be done. Colin and Alan (plus other Trust Directors) will be in the Vere Suite before Saturday's game to receive your Trust Share Scheme Application forms and to answer any questions on the scheme.

  • @DJWYC14 said:
    A very promising start to the share scheme, but with plenty more work still to be done.

    Is anything being sent out to target people who don't access the internet? I'm sure you've got it covered but so often it's assumed that everyone has access to info online.

  • Not doing mass mail shot as yet due to postage costs. You can pick up details from Trust table in Vere Suite today

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