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Matt Bloomfield

Just as a little statistical aside, Matt Bloomfield has now risen to 13th in the all-time Chairboys appearances table, having overtaken Howard Kennedy and Charlie Gale in the last few weeks to stand on 415 appearances.
There's a chance that he may hit the top ten by the end of the year, as there are three more players in his immediate sights.
Have to say that he's played as well this season as any I can remember since he joined. He always seems to be written off by various detractors after each injury or spell out of the team, but he always returns and proves them wrong. Long may it continue!


  • Well done, Matt.

    I can't remember when it was that he last came back from a relatively lengthy lay off (maybe it was 3 seasons ago?) but I think he has played his best football for us since then. He has actually become slightly less boisterous in midfield but plays more intelligently. Much more likely to find gaps in the opposition defence and put in a precise cross or pass than he ever was before. Based on performances so far I'd undoubtedly give him another contract.

  • The thing that has held him back his career has been his goalscoring record. As a central midfielder you have to expect between 5 and 10 goals a season and he is well on target for that.
    Plus he is 100% decent bloke and sometimes you just need a decent bloke in your squad.

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    It's good to see him getting on the score sheet with a few Peter Murphy-esque late runs into the area pouncing on the rebound/second ball. A midfielder who can chip in with a good few goals can really make a difference, especially in a team that (normally) is quite tight at the back.

  • Do see my comment just now on the Newport Preview thread @ReadingMarginalista.

  • From the highlights it looked as though Sido's freekick was set to rebound out (until the ball bounced off the keeper a la JJ at Wembley) - look who was set for the tap in.

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