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Scott Brown out on loan

Off to Eastleigh on a 28 deal with recall clause. Guess it'll help his match fitness.


  • Sensible, it's got to be better for him to be getting games at Eastleigh than being on the bench every week and it's better for us to have Blackman in goal. Brown seems a perfectly competent keeper but Blackman is a class (or several) above this level.

  • Guess he's probably back now, anyone heard anything to the contrary?

  • Will be back on the bench on Monday and is back training at the club

  • Does anyone know how Brown got on at Eastleigh ?

  • The user and all related content has been deleted.
  • Played 4 games, wasn't allowed to play in FA Cup. Was only on the bench last Saturday.

  • Would love to know if he was signed AS the first choice, and the cruel injury wrecked that, or whether we were always attempting to get a top level youngster in on loan anyway, thus demoting him to backup level.

    Either way, Blackman has been pretty good, I haven't heard a mention of Lynch for months.

  • Lynch is currently number 1 at Chester in the top half of the Conference

  • Fair play to Lynch im glad he's doing well for himself.

  • Martin Allen has taken Graham Stack to Eastleigh from Barnet so guessing he didn't fancy Scott. Blackman is class - very lucky to have him.

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