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Myles Weston Mystery

Can't help wondering if a "mutual consent" announcement might be pending.


  • He's waiting to finish being Wycombised.

  • Has he got a cold?

  • Why do you think his disapearance in any different to those of so many injured players in recent years?

  • He has a heel injury, came off against Coventry with it.

  • Trust you won't be feeling a right heel yourself @rmjlondon when/if we hear what's occurring from an official source. I thought it was the Barnet player who had the heel injury after Myles brought him down and got sent off (not long after coming on as a sub).

  • Interesting one @micra. Purely scurrilous? Or based on anything at all?

  • Gut feeling based partly on knowledge of his long spell out of the game earlier this year and, clearly, his more recent history. We are getting no return whatsoever on our investment in him (probably through no fault of his own) so far as matches are concerned, though he may be a good guy to have around and he may also make a valuable contribution to training when fit enough to participate but we get no feedback on that and it is frustrating.

    Some might argue of course that the exact same comments could be applied to Max Muller (or Mullet as I tend to mistype) but he is clearly seen as a potential star in the middle of the defence. Even so, 3 months plus does seem an inordinately long time to recover from a hamstring problem.

  • Shame on you @Malone - you know I don't do scurrilous!

  • edited November 2016

    Strange one Weston. Despite getting sent off I felt he was a positive against Barnet (actually beat a man and put a cross in) and he was lively when he came on at Pompey in the Cup (almost scored).
    Didn't go to the Coventry game but he hasn't even made the bench since, did he get a knock?

    Muller has been in the gym at Handy X regularly since signing, no limping, does squats etc (which surely he wouldn't with a hamstring issue etc) so this situation is also a rather odd one.
    Guessing he's there for when Pierre leaves in January. Signed on 30 mins evidence in France and not much training gives me the impression he could be pretty good?

  • Hayes was quoted early season as saying "we can't believe we've got him" when reviewing the signings, which seemed strangely over the top, UNLESS he really is star quality which would be consistent with such a long wait for him.

    Was Weston a 1 year deal job? I hope so.

  • Believe, Myles Weston pencilled In a 2 year deal.

  • Are we gonna now have a whipering campaign that turns into a 'soap opera' or a 'Spaghetti Weston' ??

  • Myles Weston was signed last summer on a two year contract.

  • 2 years! That could be difficult!

  • Did we get any update on Weston? He didn't feature in the week did he?

  • GA just mentioned in an interview on Sky Sport News that he's one of the currently injured players (along with Southwell) who will be returning at some point to boost the squad - "almost like having a couple of new signings". He didn't give any timelines though.

  • That's good news, I like Weston ..

  • What in particular do you like about him @bluejay ?

  • I tend to go to all home games, and a few aways, and i'm struggling to put together any thoughts on Weston at all to be honest.

    He hasn't played nearly enough to get any particular thoughts up either way!

  • When Weston came on against Barnet he was a positive for me (despite being sent off).
    Admittedly things have picked up a lot since then, and he made a brief appearance late on where he did well in the FA Cup win at Pompey.

  • He'll do well to get back in, much like Southwell.

    For the forseeable, it seems sensible to pick 3 from Bayo, Hayes, Paris and Kashket, with Thompson and Wood next backups.

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