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  • Genuine question: why are they called "Exiles"?

  • Something to do with when they reformed they had to play home matches in England for a bit

  • never mind that, there ,must be a huge chance of tomorrow's game being called off.

    Appalling pitch, and awful weather today and expected tomorrow.

    Pitch inspection i believe...

  • From contacts in the area I would be AMAZED if the match goes ahead.

    When the decision will be made I have no idea

  • By lunchtime hopefully so no wasted trip for the fans. I live in Somerset and the rain has been almost biblical at times and South Wales has fared no better so i cant see the match going ahead.

  • Rain has stopped in Newport and the sky is clearing a bit.

    Local news reports suggest light showers over night with little expected in the day. It would appear that the front has moved north earlier than expected.

    Pitch will be incredibly dodgy now if local parks are any indicator but I'd expect the decision to be quite close to kick off

  • So sod the travelling supporters, then.

  • Hopefully it'll be pretty obvious very early tomorrow either way!

    Am due to go, but half hoping now that it'll be off. Playing Westley's team on their usual pitch would be a battle, but with waterlogging as well just asks for trouble.

  • If this game goes ahead, it will either be a miracle or a travesty.

    Its been raining persistently since some time in the early am and it shows no signs of stopping. Pics from the ground show substantial water already so the morning inspection should see it called off

  • That pitch is an absolute shambles at the best of times.

  • Well chaps it seems like it's on.

    Fingers crossed there's no deluge between 4.30 and 7.30 which would ruck us all up.

    Small mercy of driving is that you gain a couple of hours grace over the coach, which inevitably will get there, or close if it does get called off later.

  • Whats wrong with Danny Rowe?

  • From memory (not the most reliable) he was clobbered at Doncaster and replaced by Matt Bloomfield at half time.
    I've just had a look at the Newport website, iPlayer etc and have revised my prediction of a draw. I think they will probably win this evening particularly if Wycombe don't keep a tight rein on their rampaging midfielder, Josh Sheehan (No.16) who is on loan from Swansea and has scored five times in 10 games, including a cracker against Notts County.
    John Busby, who officiated at our game against Crewe, issued 8 red cards in 18 matches in the "Conference" last season so he could be a lot busier tonight than he was against Crewe, given the conditions and the physical reputations of the two sides.

  • Correction: Danny Rowe was replaced by Akinfenwa at half time.

  • prediction: at least 14 minutes of stoppage time.

  • Prediction: we will cheat and bully our way to three points.

  • You're on, guys.

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