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I am probably being a bit sentimental here but.....

I will never get tired of promoting this man and the success that came our way.

My favourite O'Neill story, well Its was at Darlington away in 93/94. He was being interviewed by local TV, but in seeing our Band of half cut heroes, that he knew as diehards, he stopped the interview with the TV and came over and hugged us asking us about our trip and day so far. then apologised to the reporter but pointed out that we were why we play football, for the likes of us! The man is simply a legend.

So whats your best memory ?


  • His in-programme response to the letter someone sent him moaning about his team selection.

  • The half time rant over the parachute stunt arranged by Mark Austin.

    But too be honest just the whole of the seasons from the one before promotion to the Football League right up until he left.

  • He had a right temper on him - usually when it mattered - but Martin was a class act from start to finish. Do I remember right, he rescued some poor chap who'd just been mugged or beaten up in Beaconsfield once?

  • The story I recall is that he rugby tackled someone who had just stolen a handbag.

  • Only last 18 years in Bucks so cannot comment on MON management, but having seen him play for Forest and lift the European Cup I believe he also averted an asteroid that was heading towwards Earth...

  • At the tender age of sixteen I received a letter of congratulations on my birthday from MON. At the time I really did believe he had supernatural powers and it wasn't until years later that my dad admitted to sending him a tenner and a note asking for the favour.

    Best birthday present ever!

  • I'll never forget him turning down the Forest job to stay at Wycombe

  • @eric_plant twas a wise move....following Old Big Head has been a poisoned chalice for most.

  • I'll never forget him buying brown underpants in Marks & Spencer in High Wycombe with his wife.

    Raised eyebrows, perfect timing.

  • Farnborough away - with Wycombe having stormed into an early lead and the visiting supporters getting slightly excited, the ref called a halt to proceedings due to the ramshackle old stand being in danger of getting 'boing boinged' to the ground.
    Over trots Martin to politely ask everyone to calm down 'a little' & evacuate to behind the goal... which everybody did.
    'One Wycombe' really meant something then, I think if he'd asked one of us to come on & play we wouldn't have dared let him down.

  • I can't tell it very well but Martin had a lively bust up down by the dugouts with one of Wycombe's feisty Kilmarnock contingent (I think it was home to Macclesfield), tempers very frayed, accents flying everywhere.

    O'Neill stormed off but returned minutes later with a cup of tea for the fan as an apology.

    Class Act.

  • Terrific management of Jason Cousins following his horrific tackle against Doncaster. Whilst dealing with him firmly in private, Martin ridiculed those who called for Jason to be sacked in the programme, citing the many times he had (sometimes literally) put his head on the line in the WWFC cause.

    A large part of what makes him a great manager in my opinion.

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