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40 year - FA Cup and Punk retro

Another superb peice from The Gasman

I just wish I had been there for both!!!!


  • I was and well remember the crush behind the goal and the surge that saw several supporters hurt. We then proceeded to lose 2-1 at home to Reading.

  • Further to this great article, I remember listening to Simon Mayo's true confessions. The caller went through the days commotions that day at Waterlooville. He had travelled by train but due to some unsavoury incidents, didn't fancy going back that way.
    He boarded the full coach and sat in a spare seat, later when the coach was full he could see a blues fan remonstrating that he had travelled on this coach, but to no avail. The caller rang Mayo to confess and apologise 20 years later to the fan who hopefully made it back from Hampshire somehow.

  • If memory serves me correctly, we had booked a coach from Jeffways but WW made them cancel it. My Dad acted as guarantor for the coach company as I was only 18. I had two carrier bags of mostly empty bottles and cans at the end of the trip.

  • Cheese Roll, the reason I started going to Loakes Park regularly! ….. By the time of this match I was running the supporters coaches and remember frantically writing out tickets during the second half of the Reading match as I was convinced it was going to go to a replay.

  • A fab away day on the "special coach", I remember myself & Cheesey and a few others enjoying a lively drinking session when we stopped at the Wooden Bridge Guildford, that and a few party sevens (remember them?) on the coach all ending up quite messy, happy days...

  • I was there with Belcher and a few others and had a great day on the beer.

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