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English Football League cancels talks over 100-team plan for five divisions

Thank F*** for that. Now I want to know when EFL chief executive Shaun Harvey is going to resign. The man who has given us the EFL Trophy.


  • How did reducing the number of games mean having to freeing up more Saturdays and move the FA Cup midweek?

    Stupid idea that has now been rightly shelved. Now to get rid of this stupid EFL branding.

  • Excellent.

    I'm all for change and trying new things in football, but not this one.

  • This whole thing sounds like an absolute shambles. Do these people actually have a considered plan, or do they just feel they have to meddle in the game every few years to justify their employment?

  • Seems the FA has pulled out due to the amount of money their new international broadcasting deal will generate rather than the original idea being wrong for the League. Can't believe that Shaun Harvey remains "open to re-engaging" and is so blasΓ© about the adverse impact the change would have on the 72 League clubs. His answer to that of the clubs taking a "broader view of English football" is bordering on the insane. Surely about time for him to step down from his position?

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