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Beechdean Ice Cream

As an usher at Wycombe Swan, I have sold thousands of pounds worth of Beechdean ice cream (and enjoyed plenty myself) so I was disappointed to learn last week that a new supplier had been appointed.


  • As a bit of an ice cream fan I have to say all the varieties of beechdean ice cream I have tried have all been pretty average at best, so I'm not disappointed one jot...

  • Roger. We want DaVilles. Them were the days.

  • Indeed we do, sadly went out of business a few years ago, they made bloody good ice cream!

  • Fond of a scoop or two of Mövenpick meself. Hit or Miss (Penn Street) used to serve it but haven't eaten there for ages.

  • When I was a lad, (many moons ago), I used to stay with my dad for the obligatory every other weekend stay. Dad used to take me to "Tonys", an Italian ice cream shop in Acton. To this day, I have never found one to rival it and it is some 50 years of fruitless searching.
    To be fair "Roskillys" in Cornwall comes a decent second!

  • For me it's got to be Rossi's on Weymouth Promenade. A summer isn't complete without at least one, even if I have to drive there just for that.

  • Interestingly, no-one has mentioned the loss of income to Beechdean as a result of losing the Swan contract. Significant sales pretty well every day of the week throughout the year, regardless of weather or season, must be a fairly substantial source of income but I've no idea what percentage of Beechdean's turnover it represents - it may be tiny.

  • They are the third biggest ice cream manufacturer in the UK with a turnover in excess of £30m, shouldn't worry them too much...

  • Thanks @RogertheBandito. That's amazing. My concerns are allayed !

  • A lot of that is people eating ice cream in the Vere Suite at half time, an age old football tradition.

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    @peterparrotface said:
    A lot of that is people eating ice cream in the Vere Suite at half time, an age old football tradition.

    Is that something that happens? I thought little tubs of ice cream was strictly the preserve of the theatre crowd.

  • A large tub of Lidl soft scoop ice cream!..

  • It won't exactly be ice cream weather when we visit Exeter in early January, but I can thoroughly recommend Donato's in Exmouth town centre, a short hop on the train from St James' Park.

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